Diva Foodies Kid Chef – Elaina

Diva Food Kid Chef series is a fun peek into the lives of kids who love to cook and to bake. The series was inspired by the Fox food TV Show Master Chef Junior where kid chefs compete cooking their little hearts out on national TV.

Diva Foodies Kid Chef ElainaWe’re excited to introduce you to Kid Chef Elaina. Kid Chef Elaina is 6 ½ years old and in the first grade. She loves to bake and cook. A favorite cooking activity is helping her dad make corn flake chicken .. a  healthy alternative to fried chicken says Mom Dana!

Kid Chef Elaina is a very creative chef. She especially enjoys experimenting with food and even creates her own unique recipes. Recently she made these cool candy ice cubes. Elaina you rock!

Diva Foodie Kid Chef Elaina

Diva Foodies: Do you remember what the first thing you ever cooked or baked?

Kid Chef Elaina: A cake for Valentine’s Day

Diva Foodies: How old were you when you first started cooking?

Kid Chef Elaina: 3 years old

Diva Foodies Kid Chef Elaina

Diva Foodies: We heard that you love to experiment in the kitchen! What was the most fun food you ever made?

Kid Chef Elaina: Baking cupcakes with Grandma

Diva Foodies: What is your favorite food to eat?

Kid Chef Elaina: Cake

Note from Mom Dana: She insisted on this answer!

Diva Foodies: What’s your favorite kitchen tool and why?

Kid Chef Elaina: Electric mixer because it makes a funny noise.

Diva Foodies Kid Chef Elaina

Diva Foodies: Do you have a favorite cooking show? Why do you like it?

Kid Chef Elaina: Cupcake Wars. I like it because it’s fun and tasty

Diva Foodies:  Mom Dana, how did you realize Elaina loved to cook and bake?

Mom Dana: She was always asking to make pancakes – measuring, mixing and flipping – the whole 9 yards. From then on, any time a mixing bowl came out, she wanted to be involved.

More from Mom Dana: Mommy and Daddy have to remember to just let her do her thing. More times than not, it turns out perfect- no matter how messy it may get!

Diva Foodies Kid Chef Elaina


Diva Foodies: Good advise, Mom Dana, for all moms, dads and ‘big people’ who like to cook and bake with kids!

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Author: Toby Bloomberg

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