Diva Foodies All In Guide To Food Network’s All-Star Academy

Over the past several months we’ve had a great time with Social TV live tweeting food shows including MasterChef Junior, Baking Championship and Top Chef. As with any social media play, part of the enjoyment of SocialTV is interactions with the community. We loved getting to know other tweeters like @donchefbunny and exchanging tweets with talented MasterChef Junior @Chef_Jianna_G @StomachCakes @Charm_CityCakes @meilin21 Top Chef contestant of the LA MexiKosher restaurant @katsujitanabe even @duff_goldman (a fav judge) and so many more. 

Live tweeting and live blogging is something that Marianne and I have been doing for the last ten years both with professional programs and just-for-fun. The missing link for us in live tweeting FoodTV is none of the networks seemed to take needs of live tweeters into the mix. Although their websites are rich with content, when live tweeting a show we need immediate links and current information. As a thank you for the fun we’re having with with the live FoodTV twitter community we created an All In Guide for the new Food Network show airing tonight — All-Star AcademyTen cooks will compete for $50k. Contestants are put itno teams that are match with Food Network Super Chefs Mentors.

The All In Guide  includes Twitter handles for contestants and the chef mentors, resource links and Twitter tips that can make our tweets more valuable to our community of Twitter followers and to the # hashtag community. If we were connected with the networks you’d have lots of downloadable photos, interviews, quick tweets. But for now we hope the All In Guide helps make tweeting a little easier, a little more fun. Please help us keep All In current with @ Twitter handles for contestants and the live tweeting folks who are passionate about FoodTV.

Diva Foodies All In Guide To The Food Network All-Star Academy

The All-Star Academy Home Cook Contestants

Top Row: Joseph Harris, Bill Joerger III, Thomas Mann, Mike Castaneda, Mimi Chang

Bottow Row: August Dannehl, Vanessa Craig, Sharon Damante, Angela George, Sherri Williams

 Twitter Links & Stats – 3/1/15 Prior To All-Star Academy Airing

Joseph Harris  NtUrAvgJoe (Located 3-8-15)

Tweets: 318 | Following: 158 | Followers: 58 | Favorites: 8

Bill Joerger III @phillyfire4106

Tweets: 11 | Following: 129 | Followers: 38 | Favorites: 16

Thomas Mann – Could not locate a Twitter account

Mike Castaneda @foodiemikec

Tweets: 706 | Following: 465 | Followers: 275 | Favorites: 71

Mimi Chang – Could not locate a Twitter account

August Dannehl @chefaugust37

Tweets: 41 | Following: 110 | Followers: 32 | Favorites: 21

Vanessa Craig  @sweets4sweeties

Tweets: 31 | Following: 122 | Followers: 35 | Favorites: 3

Sharon Damante @Minishar

Tweets: 93 | Following: 112 | Followers: 22 | Favorites: 189

Angela George @twohotpoatoes

Tweets: 844 | Following: 768 | Followers: 473 | Favorites: 54

Sherri Williams @logansw62

Tweets: 1257 | Following: 285 | Followers: 297 | Favorites: 601

Note: Tweet us @DivaFoodies or drop a comment if you find Twitter handles for any of the contestants we missed!

The All-Star Academy Food Network Chef Mentors

UL Chef Alex Guarnaschelli |UR Chef Bobby Flay | LL Chef Curtis Stone | LR Chef Michael Symon

Twitter Links & Stats – 3/1/15 Prior To All-Star Academy Airing

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli @guarnaschelli

Tweets: 31.9 | Following: 478 | Followers: 185K | Favorites: 873

Chef Bobby Flay @bflay

Tweets: 2675 | Following: 194 | Followers: 1.2M | Favorites: 75

Chef Curtis Stone @curtis_stone

Tweets: 4562 | Following: 1040 | Followers: 143K  | Favorites: 996

Chef Michael Symon @chefsymon

Tweets: 30.5 | Following: 3466 | Followers: 605K | Favorites: 38

The All-Star Academy Food Network Host

Ted Allen @choptedallen

Twitter Links & Stats – 3/1/15 Prior To All-Star Academy Airing

Tweets: 6053 | Following: 665 | Followers: 140K | Favorites: 334

All-Star Academy Food Network Community of Live FoodTV Tweeters

@DivaFoodies |@donchefbunny |@favcity … and many more

Note: Live tweeting on All-Star Academy and want to be included? Tweet us @DivaFoodies or drop a comment on this post with your Twitter handle!


Food Network All-Star Academy Micro Site


Hashtag #AllStarAcademy | Hashtag Stream

 All-Star Academy Twitter Mentor and Contestant List – View tweets in a live stream from mentors and contestants

Scripps Networks All-Star Academy Media Release

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Author: Toby Bloomberg

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