Diva Foodies Services

 Sometimes you have to get out of the kitchen

to grow your food business!

 No Frills What We Do.

Diva Foodies was created to support food entrepreneurs aka foodpreneurs, chefs, catering companies, cookbook authors, restaurant owners, digital food networks, food publishers in using digital and social media to grow the business.

Since 2004, Marianne Richmond and Toby Bloomberg have been working with companies, including food brands, to provide digital and social media guidance and execution. You can read more about our stories in About Diva Foodies.

Social media introduces us to new foods and makes them accessible and desirable. – The Hamilton Group Research Study Impact of Technology on Food Culture

Are your customers sharing stories with their networks

about how much they love your products or restaurants or chefs?

Are you engaged with your customers on the social web and perceived as a trusted ‘friend?’

Our services are never cookie cutter but customized to your needs and goals.


  • Digital and social media roadmap development
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media and digital consulting
  • Marketing, branding and positioning

Content Development

  • Digital story telling
  • Visual communications
  • Emotional involvement
  • Social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn


  • Customized enterprise training programs
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Small group mentoring
  • Special social media marketing programs for groups including trade associations, government agencies, companies

Building An Engaged Community

  • Social media at live events
  • Tweet chats
  • Contests
  • Influencer programs
  • Social network channel consulting and execution

Reports & Recommendations

  • Social analytic reports with recommendations
  • Conversational listening reports with recommendations

Personal Branding

  • Super Hero Digital Chef Programs
  • Foodpreneur personal branding versus company branding (Yes! there is a difference.)

Why Social Media Is Critical To Your Food Business Success

As it has always been, friends, family and extended networks are our most trusted resources. We turn to them for ideas and suggestions. Family and friends are sharing their experiences in the digital world. Now it’s so easy to tap an app or click on a social network to see photos of meals, watch reviews and read recommendations. The social media is no longer a ‘nice to have’ tactic but a ‘must have’ integrated program.

  • Social conversations bring people together fostering business relationships.
  • Social media amplifies awareness into networks that you might not be able to reach.
  • Social engagement builds trust and loyalty.

 It would be our pleasure to help you become a more integrated part of your customers’ extended social media community. 

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