#FoodNetworkStar Twitter Review

#FoodNetworkStarInstead of reviewing what WE thought of  this week’s (Week 5) episode of #FoodNetworkStar, we are going to take a look at YOUR reviews of #FoodNetworkStar. You know, the Tweets going through the #FoodNetworkStar Twitter stream last night, coast to coast, and still going strong today! 

If you watched Sunday night’s (week 5) episode of #FoodNetworkStar, you know that Rue Ruske, in true Food Network fashion, started strong by winning the Mentor Challenge but was ultimately eliminated in the Star Challenge for not delivering on or presenting her POV having been repeatedly warned about just that throughout multiple #FoodNetworkStar episodes.

You also witnessed some truly curious moments on the part of most of the remaining finalists–

  • Arnold thanking Jesus that he was not remaining paired with  Michelle Karem in the Match.com challenge after dismissing her (unfairly) as a “home cook”. Michelle is professional chef, trained at the California Culinary Academy.
  • Arnold’s subsequent surf and turf flameout
  • Dom’s refusal to be a team player with Michelle in the kitchen during the Match.com challenge and then Michelle’s turn about is fair play behavior during the presentation segment
  • Michelle’s apparent walkout following the presentation
  • Alex claiming a special relationship with “Five Spice Blend” then failing to be able to name the five spices

OK, that was what you watched on your TV but what were you thinking? Many of you were Tweeting your opinion of everything from Giadas’s wardrobe to Michelle’s Lipstick and everything in between. Below is our review of your #FoodNetworkStar Twitter reviews

#FoodNetworkStar Twitter Review

Giada’s revealing outfits were a hot topic, eliciting curiosity and name calling. The Twitter consensus on Giada’s wardrobe? Pretty much negative!

The comment from Emilia Cirker about her divorce being prettier than the dynamics of the Match.com segment was very much appreciated! Lightened up the “awkward party for 2”

 “Awkward party for 2” courtesy of Anne Burrell

The Michelle and Dom drama was quite the topic of Twitter conversation and mostly not in a good way. Michelle seemed to generate more positives than Dom.

Eliminating Rue was pretty much a surprise and not very popular.

Rue’s elimination was discussed by some in light of the Michelle and Dom drama

Viewers are passionate about their favorites even those who were sent home.

Alex’s 5 star spice faux paus? Twitter didn’t really notice.

 Is Emilia Cirker the ‘sleeper contestant’ who will come out the strongest in the end?

Overall Twitter opinion of this episode? Emotional rollercoaster!

And with that, we would have to agree!

Author: Marianne Richmond

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