#FoodTVChat Open Mic Recap

"FoodTVChat"Our first Diva Foodies #FoodTVChat Open MIC was a blast! The time flew by with lots of great discussions about who, what and why we love our Food Tv. 

If you didn’t make it this week, we are planning to do a #FoodTVChat Open MIC on a regular basis, maybe even once a month. In the meantime, below are some of the highlights from last night’s #FoodTVChat where it was all about YOU and FoodTV.

Recap Week 5 #FoodTVChat, Open MIC

  • The #FoodTV Shows We Like The Best

  • And the Variety of  “How” We Like Them



  • We learned about how our fellow #Foodies “manage” their obsession 

  • And what is Banh Mi? Now we know!



  • Diverse “Final Thoughts”

You can follow the entire #FoodTVChat here. And join us on Twitter next Thursday and every Thursday at 7PM Eastern for #FoodTVChat.

Author: Marianne Richmond

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