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This Thursday, August 6th at 7PM Eastern, please join us for #FoodTVChat with Katrina Kozar, Master Chef 6 finalist and proud Green Bay Packer fan.

As the countdown to the final Master Chef 6 episode continues and the competition intensifies we know this chat with Katrina will be interesting and fun just like the last two weeks of #FoodTVChat with Master Chef contestants Tommy Walton and Christopher Lu.  And Katrina really rocked it tonight including a major compliment from Graham Elliot!

Katrina Kozar was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin and this has really defined who she is. To quote “A Little About Me” from her website, she describes herself as “an honest, hardworking, and humble lady from Milwaukee WI who loves her state.”  And her state loves her right back!

Katrina is also passionate about cooking and we see that every week on Master Chef. Her motto is serving up love one bite at a time and indeed you can hear “her soul sing”   when she describes her gorgeous dishes for the Master Chef judges. Go #TeamKatrina!

She also loves mustard and makes her own to give as gifts. Do we see a line of Katrina Kozar mustards in the future? We will have to ask her on #FoodTVChat!"Foodtvchatwithkatrinakozar"Katrina has one other passion that she has shared. She is apparently addicted to socks! You can definitely say one thing about Katrina, she’s passionate—well actually she said it about herself, “when I get focused on something, I am all in“. "Foodtvchat with Katrina Kozar""So join us tonight, August 6th for #FoodTVChat with Katrina Kozar. This one will be fun!!

Author: Marianne Richmond

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