#FoodTVChat with MasterChef Finalist Tommy Walton



We are not exactly sure what best defines Tommy Walton, Master Chef 6 Finalist, as a Culinary Fashionista,  his gorgeous shoes "#FoodtvchatwithTommyWalton"or his gorgeous food "#FoodtvchatwithTommyWalton"

or his gorgeous clothes "#FoodtvchatwithTommyWalton"


 But that will be a great question for #FoodTVChat with Tommy Walton, tomorrow night, Thursday July 23rd at 7PM Eastern. If you don’t ask him we will!

If you want a head start, check out Tommy’s Facebook page, Tommy Walton’s Caviar Club"#FoodtvchatwithTommyWalton"

"FoodtvchatwithTommyWalton"Or this video. You will definitely get the idea!

Tommy Walton lives in Chicago and is a graduate of DePaul University. He is a fashion designer and has taught for over 20 years at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

He has been lighting it up on Master Chef 6 and is keeping us all entertained with his facial expressions. "#FoodtvchatwithTommyWalton"Tommy’s signature dish is Pork Ballotine stuffed with sausage, carrots, asparagus and Swiss chard. Check out this video of Tommy at the Chicago Tribune demonstrating the making of  his Master Chef signature dish as only he can!

You won’t want to miss #FoodTVChat with Tommy Walton Thursday, July 23rd at 7PM Eastern. Join us!

Author: Marianne Richmond

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