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In today’s wobbly world one of the silver linings has been the wealth of online workshops and webinars. Many of the presenters are well known chefs who generously share their learnings. Recently I popped in on Around The World In 80 Plates, a conference sponsored by American Culinary Foundation (AFC).

Chef Jacques Pepin was the opening speaker. While it was a delight to watch this legendary chef demonstrate several dishes, it was a special treat to hear him speak about his philosophy of food, cooking, and life. Wistfully I found myself wishing we were sitting across a table sharing a glass of wine and, of course, some delicious food.

If you missed the virtual event here are a few of my favorite quotes and thoughts from Chef Pepin. You don’t have to be a chef or professional in the culinary world to appreciate Chef’s wisdom and charm. Hope you enjoy!

Thoughts From Chef Jacques Pepin

“Through the simple act of feeding another human being we do so much more. We bring pleasure, comfort, and life to people.”

“The beauty of sharing food and being together is to enjoy it.”

“You will always eat.”

“Always the question is of suspense in the kitchen.”

The recipe paradox – You start with the total freedom of creating an idea. Then it becomes totally structured to ensure each dish is consistent.

Food pleasure – not feeling guilty in eating any kind of food.

“Everyone is the same in the eye of the stove.”

“There is no separating food from the visual.”

“People love you because you bring pleasure to them.”

“Don’t Forget To Drink A Lot Of Wine!” – Chef Jacques Pepin

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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  1. Thank you for sharing a few quotes from Chef Jacques Pepin. He is so inspirational. I love to watch him cook love to hear him talk and felt great this sad mood to read that he lost his wife 57 years a few days ago.

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  2. I watch him online daily& always learn from him. His creative way of wasting nothing has great appeal !

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