Master Chef Junior Season Twitter 4 Cheat Sheet

Master Chef Junior Sean 4 Cheat SHeetFor your tweeting pleasure we’ve put together a Master Chef Junior Season 4 Twitter Cheat Sheet. As we find Twitter handles we’ll up date the page so consider this a work-in-process.

From the previews and teases that were dropped on social media it seems Chef Gordon Ramsay becomes more and more comfortable being on camera with the junior chefs. As he does we delight in seeing the fun and silly, as well as, the more serious mentoring side of Chef.

Of course, one of our all time favorite Master Chef Junior winners is Junior Chef Logan from Season Two. Check out our Twitter interview with Logan.


There are twenty-four contestants from 12 states. The young chefs range in age from 8 year old Kya @chefkya from San Marino, CA and Ian Marcel Sander @chefianmarcel to 4 contestants who are 12 years old: Corey @JrChefCoreyJJ @ChefJJ_TXTae-Ho and Zac Kara @zac_kara.

There are also a couple of musicians in this season’s group Jesse Gunn, @jessegunnrocks and Sam @SamChfSy.

We are ready to rock ‘n roll with the next generation of culinary artists!

  • Adam @ChefAdamBklyn – 11 from Brooklyn, NY. He is on Facebook . Adam wanted to be a chef from the time he was 6 years old.
  • Addison Olsa Smith @jrchefaddison – 9 from River Forest, Ill.
  • Alexander, 10 from Phoenix, AZ
  • Amaya @Chef_Amaya – 10 from Bergenfield, NJ. She is on Facebook and is the 1st junior chef from the Dominican.
  • Annabelle Nolan 10 from Cookeville, TN
  • Avery, 9 from Baton Rouge, LA.
  • Chad, 9. from Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Corey @JrChefCorey -12 is from Surprise, AZ. Find him on Facebook . Corey makes healthy smoothies for his little bro.
  • Kya @chefkya , 8 from San Marino, CA. Kya, one of the youngest of the group, lived in Hong Kong.
  • Derek, 11 from Yardley, PA. Seems to have an interest in molecular gastronomy.
  • Ian Marcel Sander @chefianmarcel –  8 from Beverly Shores, IN. Ian is a Cubs fan and comes from a family of chefs. You can find Ian’s Mom, @NicoleBartletts on  Twitter too.
  • Jaeclyn Clark @ChefJaeclyn – 9 fromPhiladelphia, PA. Jaeclyn loves animal prints and you can find her on Facebook.
  • Jesse Gunn @jessegunnrocks, 11,  from New York, NY. Jesse is on Instagram Jesse is in a rock group.
  • JJ @ChefJJ_TX – 12 from Santa Fe, TX. Lucky JJ can scoop up pecans from his yard.
  • Kade @Cookingwithkade – 9 Morgan City, LA. Kade is on Facebook and was a judge in a potato salad contest.
  • Kaitlyn Tomeny, 11 from Yorktown Heights, NY.
  • Kamilly, 10 from Santa Ana, CA.
  • Kya @chefkya,  is 8 and from San Marino, CA. Kaya is on Facebook and lived in Hong Kong when she was 5 years old.
  • Mia, 11 from Leander, TX.
  • Nate Murawski @nateawesomesauc is 10 and from Philadelphia, PA
  • Sam @SamChfSy is 10 and from Charleston, SC. He is on Facebook  and plays guitar.
  • Tae-Ho, 12 is from Chula Vista, CA.
  • Vivian is 11 and from Avendale, AZ
  • Zac Kara @zac_kara is 12 from Orlando, FL, on Facebook and Zac loves playing tennis.


Master Chef Junior Brand @MasterchefjrFox


Author: Toby Bloomberg

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