MasterChef Season 8 – Twitter Cheat Sheet

MasterChef, the popular Fox Broadcasting/Gordon Ramsay Food TV Show, kicked off Season 8 and the competition is more intense than ever for the coveted white apron! There is no doubt this is a life changing event for every single finalist on the show.

We wondered… are TV Food shows the new sporting event?

We tweeted Scott Nuzum, sports editor at the Fort Scott Tribune, and asked if he considered MasterChef to be as competitive as any of the sports he covered.

As much as we love watching MasterChef, live tweeting with our Twitter pals, especially @JackieS and @JeffHarris7 and LaNeca321 is the best.  Marketers call this Social TV.  For us the IRT (in real time) chatting with others, passionate about the show, brings, can we say spice 😉  and even more fun to view the show. Tweeting along with friends is also an incentive to tune in every week!

It’s fun to find past MasterChef and MasterChef Junior finalists and winners live tweeting. Recently we tweeted with @LoganJrChef, @TanorriasTable, @Claud_Oval, @LAMarches, @Zac_Kara, @DJShaunONeale,

For the folks who love to live tweet #MasterChef, or want to connect with their favorite MasterChef finalists, we created a Twitter Cheat Sheet. We’ve included the Twitter Handles of the contestants from Season 8 that we could find. If you find other Twitter handles please tweet us @DivaFoodies or drop a comment to help add to the list.

Thanks to  @JeffHarris7 and @celebutardz for help in identifying MasterChef finalists’ Twitter handles.

MasterChef Season 8 Contestant Twitter Handles

Adam Wong, Cambridge, MA – Harvard U Student

Brien O’Brien, Redding, CA – Private Chef @ChefBrienOBrien

Caitlin Meade, Chicago, Il – Nutritionist Food Blogger @cateskitchenfit

Caitlin Jones, Pittsburgh, PA – Dancer @Caitlin_e_j

Daniel Pontes-Macedo, Medford, MA – Substitute Teacher

Dino Luciano Ignacio, Bensonhurst, NY – Dancer – @Dinoballerino

Eboni Henry, Chicago, Il – Addiction Counselor

Gabriel Lewis, Oklahoma City, OK – Fast Food Server @ChefsLife97

Heather Dombrosky, Miami, FL – Nurse and Food Blogger @heatherD305

Jason Wang, Newton, MA – High School Music Teacher @jasonJangyWang

Jeff Philbin, Tampa, FL – Marketing Director Private Chef @ChefJeffPhilbin

Jennifer Williams, Chalmette, LA – Debt Collector Facebook

Jenny Cavellier, Cincinnati, OH – Special Needs Therapist

Mark Togni, Portland, OR – Stay-at-Home Dad

Necco Ceresani, Newberry, S.C. – Marketing Manager –  Necco_C

Mike Newton, Lipan, TX – Ranch Owner

Paige Jimenez, Honolulu, HI – Swimsuit Model Instagram @paigejimenez1

Reba Billingsley, Carthage, TX – Stay-at-Home Mom @reba38

Sam Reiff-Pasarew, Washington, D.C. – Creative Writing Teacher

Yachecia Holston, Detroit, MI – Minister @SheikCooks 


Gordon Ramsay @GordonRamsay

Christina Tosi @ChristinaTosi

Aaron Sanchez @Chef_Aaron

More MasterChef Details

Hash tag #MasterChef

MasterChef Twitter Handle @MasterChefonFox

MasterChef Website

Time: Wednesday, 8p Eastern on Fox Broadcasting

Looking forward to live tweeting MasterChef with you! Follow us @DivaFoodies and all your MasterChef Favorites too!

Oh, and if you love MasterChef, you’ll love our Twitter Interviews with past finalists and winners!

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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