Memorial Day Chefs’ Grilling Recipes & Tips

Diva Foodies GrillingMemorial Day kicks off the start of summer grilling! If you’re planning a barbeque this weekend we’ve got you covered with how-to grilling tips and recipes that range from meats to fish and yes, even dessert from a few of our favorite chefs!

In the midst of your good times this weekend, we ask you to take a moment to remember the brave women and men who serve and have served our country.


Diva Foodies_ Grilling_Stan HayesStan Hayes, Food Network Chopped Grill Master Season 2 – Grilling Tips & Recipes

 For me Memorial Day is about 3 things:
  • remembering those men and women in our armed forces who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country!  Bless those heroes and their families!
  • the beginning of summer
  • and grilling and cooking outdoors more than I do the other times of the year.

For memorial weekend here are 3 grilling tips and 3 recipes from my website.  The recipes are designed for every skill level and from easy ingredients you can find at any local grocery store.

Grilling Tip 1 – Whether using a gas grill or charcoal grill you need to create at least two zones a hot zone and a cool zone.  With gas grills this is generally pretty easy you lower the heat at one end.  On a charcoal grill you need to place your charcoal on one side of the grill and leave an area without charcoal to create that cool zone.  When grilling you don’t always have to have it blazing hot!

Grilling Tip 2 – Keep it clean!  Keep your grilling surface clean, well oiled and free of debris if you want to get those classic grill marks and don’t want your meat to stick.  I use GrillGrates aluminum grates that channel the heat so well that the crisp grill marks are very distinctive. This is my secret to great grill marks.  More info at

Grilling Tip 3 – Add moisture – For larger/thicker cuts of meat that will be cooking longer consider adding moisture to your cook.  Use an aluminum disposable pan and place it in the middle of the grill with the heat on both sides of the pan.  Ine the pan use your favorite liquid (water, beer, wine, etc) and add some of your favorite aromatics like onions, peppers, etc).  Place the meat directly above the coals or the moisture as needed.

Recipe 1 – A great refreshing appetizer for the summer.  It is a salsa with black eyed peas, sweet corn, tomatoes, jalapenos and more.  I call this Texas Caviar!  My recipe here for Texas CaviarGrilling_Stan Hayes_salsa

Recipe 2 – Is all about grilling an american favorite with a stuffing.  Cheese stuffing that is!  My recipe for Cheese Stuff Burgers 

Grilling _Stan Hayes _burger

Recipe 3 – Is a little sweetness.  Grilled fresh fruit, bourbon whipped cream and pound cake.  You can easily substitute other fresh fruit fresh made muffins instead of pound cake.  My recipe for Grilled Peaches over Pound Cake with Bourbon whipped cream .

Grilling_Stan Hayes_dessert

Connect with Stan! More Recipes | Website | Twitter

Diva Foodies _Grilling Girls Do Barbeque _logo Girls Do BBQ – Grilling Tip 

Grilling Tip – COLD MEAT, HOT GRILL –keep meat in fridge right up to the moment you want it on the grill.

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Chef Jennifer Hill Booker, Food Network Cutthroat Kitchen – Grilling Tips

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Chef Terry French, Food Network Extreme Chef – Grilling Fish Recipe

Grilled Lion Fish Tips Extreme Chef Style

Diva Foodies Grilling_Chef Terry FrenchThese days people are looking for other proteins to add to their grilling arsenal. As many of you know  I am a true fishing maniac!

There is a new fish that is making its way that I am very passionate about its called the lionfish. This fish is a species that has become an invasive problem over the past decade throughout the Atlantic and Caribbean. There is a huge effort to reduce the population since they are destroying fisheries and coral reefs. They are originally from the south Pacific but we unleashed into our waters after Hurricane Andrew and people also released them from their hobby fish tanks.Diva Foodies _ Grilling_lionfish

However, they have no predators here in our waters as they do in Asia.The species has venomous spines that make them precarious to catch for divers and they are not able to be bait caught except for live shrimp bait. There is a push to make everyone aware this species of grouper is quite tasty and a sustainable way to eat fish while we control the population;  Whole Foods is now selling lionfish.  The lionfish is a very flavorful white meat like snapper.

Now I will tell you that catching them yourself is the best but ask your fish monger to order them for you. You can ask for them to be cut into filets. Any snapper grilling is king for me!

Grilled Lemon Caper Lionfish


4 lion fish filets
2 lemons
4 tbs capers
4 Tbs sweet butter
Salt and paper to taste

Season filets with salt and pepper

Place on large sheet of aluminum foil each filet separately place dollop of butter on filet and 1 tbs capers fold aluminum closed tightly

Place on indirect medium heat on Grill for five minutes each side

Remove let rest sealed

Then open and plate and pour butter caper juice over and serve with your favorite sides

Then send me photos of how it came out and share with others enjoy!

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More about Lionfish

Tyler Zager , Food Network Kids BBQ Championship Season 1 – Grilling Tip

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Chef Demetra Overton – Pork Ribs 101 Tips & Grilling Recipe 

Six steps to fast and easy grilled pork ribs

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Sherri Williams, Food Network All Star Academy –  Grilling Recipe

Recipe for Octopus Salad with Lemon Garlic Vinaigrette

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Logan Guleff, Fox/Gordon Ramsay Winner Master Chef Junior Season 2

Judging the 2016 World Championship Barbeque Cooking Contest. Very cool!

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Author: Toby Bloomberg

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