Mother’s Day – Favorite Food Memories

Mother's DayWhen I stopped seeing my mother with the eyes of a child, I saw the woman who helped me give birth to myself. ~ Nancy Friday

Often our earliest memories are the favorite foods our moms made special … just for us. For some it might be a family comfort food dish; for others a favorite ‘mom’ food might be a delicious cookie.  To celebrate Mother’s Day we reached out to our friends on Facebook and Twitter and asked about their favorite “mom made just for me” food. Some of our Twitter Chat  #FoodTVChat guest hosts and guest chefs joined in the fun along with social BBFs. Hope you enjoy!

It’s chocolate chip pancakes for our pal at the West Egg Cafe in Atlanta. Note the tip! Use mini chips so they don’t sink in the batter.

Our Facebook friend Dana still considers beef stroganoff a special treat from her mom. For Facebook friend Kaye it’s the sweet and sour flavors of her Aunt Marcie’s stuff cabbage recipe that brings back memories.

Mother's Day Food

Food TV Chef Rock Harper  winner of Hell’s Kitchen loves his mama’s braised short ribs.

Mother's Day

It’s his mom’s green Swiss enchiladas that is Top Chef Boston alumni KatsujiTanabe‘s favorite “mom” food. 

MasterChef Junior winner Logan tells us that his mom can cook! He loves her German and Italian food and her quiches too.

Mother's Day

From our Tweeter dude pals – Tad’s mom seems quite the home cook with ‘no boundaries” to her cooking talents.

Mother's DayWhile “slumgolan” … a family comfort food recipe is a favorite made by Scott’s mother.

Mother's Day

From Twitter Yen Le Nha tells us her mother’s Vietnamese soup, Canh Chua is her very favorite. More delicious comfort food from mom!

Nicki Schroeder, High Road Craft Ice Cream, tweeted her thanks to her momma for the memories of yummy Italian Wedding cookies!

Mother's Day


Our Twitter friend Elizabeth loves her mom’s German pancakes and oatmeal molessess bread.

Mother's Day

Chef Virginia Willis loves her mama’s chocolate meringue pie. I bet we all would too!

Our two special friends from All Star Academy surprised us a bit with their responses. Sharon “Nonna” Damante’s mom just doesn’t cook. While Sherri William loves her mom’s sweet potato pie, her mom doesn’t really like to cook either. With two talented cooks … these ladies’ mamas shouldn’t have to cook!

Mother's Day


Hope you have a special Mother’s Day with special food that creates wonderful memories!

Drop a comment and let us know your Favorite Mom Food.

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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