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Pumpkin spice must have the best PR person in the world

because it has squirreled its way into everything. Jimmy Kimmel.

Pumpkin BeerIn celebration of the first day of Fall let’s talk about the most prolific flavor of the season … Pumpkin! Seems you can’t turn down an aisle in your grocery story, pass your favorite coffee shop or even shop at your package e.g. liquor store without the Big P showing up. No longer the-just-for-Thanksgiving pie, pumpkin is the seasonal darling of coffee, lattes (which is of course different from coffee), pop tarts, toaster waffles and pancakes, instant oatmeal, cookies, English muffins, yogurt, energy bars, cheesecakes, cake mix, marshmallows, ice cream, coffee creamer, Jell-O, chocolate, bagels, peanut butter, candy, vodka, beer/ale. Did I miss anything?

Pumpkin beer is no longer a novelty product but the seasonal brew of choice of millions of beer aficionados. Pumpkin beer even has its own category at the prestigious Great American Beer Festival. And well it should. Nielson’s research indicates pumpkin beers accounts for about two-thirds of all fall beer sales. That is not only a lot of hops and pumpkins but some nice $.

In his Washington Post article, Roberto A. Ferdman, reminds us that like most American holidays from Halloween to Valentine’s Day the pumpkin beer season, that once began in the early fall, now starts in the late summer.  If you’re a pumpkin beer lover better stock up now. If you’re not quite sure which pumpkin beer to choose head over to the Great Pumpkin Beer Review and check out their reviews. I especially like that we get opinions from four people Mike, Tim, Brittany and Rick. Always good to have options.

Hmmm … I think I might have to do some field research. What is your pumpkin beer of choice?

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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