Recap #FoodTVChat with Katrina Kozar

"#Foodtvchatwithkatrinakozar"#FoodTVChat with Katrina Kozar from Master Chef 6 was a blast! Just like Gordon Ramsey who wants to keep Katrina around a long time on Master Chef, we couldn’t get enough of Katrina on #FoodTVChat.

Katrina’s fellow Master Chef competitors Jesse Romero (Guest chef on #FoodTVChat on 9/24) and Hetal Vasavada (Guest chef on #FoodTVChat)  joined #FoodTVChat with Katrina Kozar and so did Katrina’s high school pal and #FoodTVChat regular Elizabeth Kern.

If you missed the chat, the stream is available here and below you will find our recap of the highlights of #FoodTVChat with Katrina below.

#FoodTVChat with Katrina Kozar

  • What advice would Katrina give someone wanting to compete on a FoodTV competition?

  • If we were going to have dinner at Katrina’s house, what would be on the menu? (We definitely volunteer!!)

  • What does Katrina cook for her dog Zekey? (Toby and I are always looking for tips for Max, Eddie and Sophie!)

  • How did Katrina ( a VERY down to earth and authentic person!) stay true to herself in the competitive environment on Master Chef 6?

  • And what is with Katrina’s socks??

  • What does the future hold for Katrina Kozar?

Thanks Katrina for being a gracious and charming guest chef on #FoodTVChat with Katrina Kozar and best of luck on Master Chef 6….we will be cheering for you!!

Join us this Thursday, August 13th at 7PM Eastern for #FoodTVChat when our guest host will be #Chopped #Grillmaster Stan Hays. We can’t wait!

Author: Marianne Richmond

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