Small Bites ~ Cost Effective Social Media Review & Audits

No matter how delicious your product, without customers there is no business.

In social media marketing it’s the small details that make the difference between a sale and a frustrated prospective customer. After reviewing hundreds of food makers’ and small businesses’ social channels it became crystal clear that many companies were leaving simple marketing opportunities on the table.

We don’t have to tell you that creating and nurturing a strong digital presence is critical to securing new customers and building a loyal customer base.

Small Bites ~ Cost Effective Social Media Review & Audit Services

How do you compete in the digital marketplace?

Taking into consideration a small businesses resources and budget we designed Small Bites with three levels – making this important review and audit service affordable for companies in multiple growth stages.

What Makes Small Bites Different

  • Specific recommendations ensure brand consistency and an easier more robust path to making the sale.
  • Your social media channels are reviewed based on your brand’s values and unique market proposition.
  • You choose the service that is right for your business.

I. Appetizer Level

  1. To ensure customization, we ask that you answer a few social media foundation questions
  2. Review with specific recommendations for 3 channels. Choose from: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.
  3. Your website’s social media footprint with specific recommendations
  4. Recommended possible metrics
  5. Digital report
  6. One conversation to review results

II. Entrée Level – Plus Appetizer Level

  1. One LinkedIn Personal Profile Page review with specific recommendation to ensure credibility and brand consistency. The review is customized based on your responses to LinkedIn foundational questions.
  2. LinkedIn Business Page – specific recommendations to ensure credibility and brand consistency; or customized recommendations on the elements and topics to include in a new business page
  3. Topic driven editorial content calendar 
  4. Two conversations – up-front and to review results plus digital report

III. The Whole Enchilada LevelPlus Appetizer and Entrée Levels

  1. Competition review of 3-4 companies
  2. Positioning and branding recommendations
  3. Two additional LinkedIn employees’ Personal Profile Page reviews
  4. Recommendations based on your website content that can be repurposed in social media posts
  5. Original content – the story of the owner and the story of the company including three social posts
  6. Social Media Channel Insight Review – a report of up to 3 channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  7. Comprehensive digital report

IV. Prix Fixe

  1. Digital & Social Media Footprint Review
    • Review with specific recommendations for 3 channels. Client may choose from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Plus light review of website
  2. Creation of corporate branding statement
  3. Creation of personal branding statement
  4. Target audience recommendations
  5. Content recommendations that will help tell your brand story interweaving your personal story
    • Based on topic driven editorial calendar model
  6. Success metrics
  7. Digital report
  8. Two conversations
    • Prior to start of assignment
    • Upon completion to review report

V. A La Cart

  1. Original content creation including blog and social media posts
  2. LinkedIn Personal page review with specific recommendations
  3. LinkedIn Business page review with specific recommendations
  4. eNewsletters
  5. Conversational Coaching
    • Through a structured series of calls will serve as a guide and resource to support client’s traditional and digital marketing initiatives

Kind Words From Chris Cooper, Cooper’s Provisions

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