Tasting OrganicGirl Salad Blends & Dressings

The package arrived. Hidden in the bubble wrap was a silver bag that looked like it came from the future. In a funny way it held food products, salad blends and dressings, that were throwbacks from the past.


OrganicGirl had sent Diva Foodies several of their new organic thrice washed salad blends (aka lettuce). Not only are the products organic but continuing with ‘healthy’ we appreciated the sustainability healthy for the planet efforts. The packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials.

The greens were indeed washed well… no grit in these packages. While I enjoyed Sweet Pea, it didn’t seem that much out of the ordinary. However, the Pepper Greens were wonderful. A great way to add zip to a dish. I mixed Sweet Pea and Pepper Greens together and found it to be a rather nice salad base.

But wait there were more goodies! Four vinaigrette salad dressings: Kale Parmesan, Lemon Agave, Fresh Tomato Italian, White Cheddar.

Organic Girl


Coming from a marketing background, I loved the packaging. The bottle tops were matched to the ingredients of the salad dressing e.g. green for kale, yellow for lemon, red for tomato and blue for white cheddar. Guess a white top on a white product didn’t pop enough in focus groups :).

Of course, I had to open the bottles and taste right away! First I poured a bit of each out to see the true color. Doesn’t this look like an artist palate? The test: Would the taste live up to the rich, vibrant colors?

Organic Girl

Fresh Tomato Italian, top left, was a big surprise. Not having any real expectations of what a tomato salad dressing might taste like I was impressed. The flavors were bold with a bright tomato flavor. First thoughts: Terrific as a base for a sauce or even over a pasta dish.

White Cheddar Cheese, top right, was delicious. Sometimes cheese is a hidden flavor but in this dressing it was noticeable. First thoughts: A take-it-up-a-notch ranch dressing.

Lemon Agave, bottom right, word: intense. If you love the taste of lemons this will not disappoint. The flavor is strong perhaps a bit too over the top for some folks. First thoughts: A great salmon marinate.

Kale Parmesan, bottom left, of all the dressing this was the lightest. As one of the only people in the world not part of the kale craze I must admit I had my doubts about this product. It had a fresh taste that was very enjoyable. First thoughts: Light and healthy.

Then I started playing. I combined the tomato and cheese… this was my new favorite! Mixing the lemon with the kale dressing cut the strong lemon flavor and infused a bit of zing which became the salmon marinate. Divalicious!

Organic Girl

Thanks OrganicGirl for the delicious , healthy treats!

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OrganicGirl provided the products mentioned complementary. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are those of the author.

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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