The Food Makers’ Studio: Foodpreneurs Marketing For Success

Training + Technical Assistance = Marketing Success = Increased Sales = A Sustainable Foodpreneur Business

Concept Overview

The Food Makers’ Studio is a unique two-tier marketing program developed to help the busy Foodpreneur increase sales. Workshops form the foundation and technical support/coaching provides critical follow-up to ensure success.

The Food Makers’ Studio solves the problem of what to do after training sessions are over and the implementation begins.

The Food Makers’ Studio is based on a proven, successful program funded by federal, city and county grants with economic development the goal to help small business owners market smarter. Toby Bloomberg, co-founder of Diva Foodies, was director of this award winning program. Diva Foodies has updated the model to support the needs of today’s digital environment and marketing challenges of Foodpreneurs.

Action oriented workshops -focus on digital marketing techniques and are designed to meet the ever shifting competitive marketplace.

Customized Coaching – after the excitement of attending a workshop, the real challenges begin. How do you integrate new tactics in with existing efforts in your business? With the integration of after the training hand-holding technical assistance we become part of your marketing team through follow-up coaching and support.


With the integration of after the training hand-holding technical assistance we become part of your marketing team through follow-up coaching and support.

  • Acquire 2018 market ready digital skills necessary to meet the challenges of an increasingly centralized, complex, noisy and competitive marketplace through a series of interactive workshops.
  • Receive post workshop support and coaching [technical assistance] necessary to implement new ideas and tactics.
  • End Product = Ideas into Actions


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Program Specifics 

Q. D. Foodies Kitchen Tools

Q. D. Foodies Kitchen Tools

The Food Makers’ Studio is an innovative, two-tier approach that teaches Foodpreneurs the skills to create and implement a successful digital marketing campaign while taking into consideration a small business owners’ unique resources, challenges, customer-base and product offerings.

Tier One – Through a series of interactive workshops and worksheets participants build a marketing road map customized to their business needs and (most important!) their available resources and customer-base. The benefit is immediate buy-in from the creator of the plan… the Foodpreneur.

Tier Two – Foodpreneurs are given individualized support to fine tune their plan and tactical execution. Technical assistance meetings may occur virtually or face-to-face. They maybe structured as one-on-one sessions, small groups or a combination of both.

Why The Food Maker’s Studio?

Food Makers _Tucker, GA

Food Makers _Tucker, GA


Establishing and growing an artisan food or beverage business has always been challenging. That’s no secret. Owners are typically fueled by their passion, dreams and day- to -day hard work. However, limited resources such as time, people and money are the on-going realities that can be the stumbling blocks to long-term success.

Reaching customers through social media platforms, events, in-store grocery store sampling, farmer’s markets and festival distribution have been the traditional driver of sales for many Foodpreneur companies.

The Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods is propelling shifts in the existing business models that have supported foodpreneurs in establishing and growing their businesses. Many Foodpreneurs are being driven out of business and establishing new businesses is becoming even more of a challenge.

Further, existing social platforms with their ever-changing algorithms and user privacy concerns are adding to the complexities for small businesses and Foodpreneurs.

The Food Makers’ Studio is designed to meet these challenges head on and provide participants with the skills, tools and on-going support to effectively compete and increase sales that result in a growing and sustainable business.

While there maybe other workshops and coaching services for Food Makers, this is the only program that integrates both digital marketing training with follow-up technical assistance in one dish ~ so to speak!

The Partnership Model

Biron Healthy Teas - Founders, Andi and Roland Biron

Biron Healthy Teas – Founders, Andi and Roland Biron

The Food Makers’ Studio is offered in several models and price ranges. The program is easily customized for organizations, associations and agencies that support Foodpreneurs and economic development through small business e.g. Chamber of Commerce, Department of Agriculture, Small Business Administration, Agencies, Grocery Stores, Restaurant Associations, Municipalities, Continuing/Extension Education, Commercial Kitchens.

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