What’s On The Grill for Labor Day?

"Labor Day Grilling Recipes"In many parts of the country, Labor Day weekend is considered to be the official end of summer and thus Labor Day itself has become the occasion for one last backyard blowout. There is no shortage of mouthwatering meal and recipe suggestions warning that Labor Day is our last chance and covering every angle of preparation: The Ultimate Labor Day Guide, Cookout Classics for Labor Day, The Best Labor Day Barbecue Ever.

For me, however, Labor Day is not the last seasonal occasion to fire up the grill, it is merely another day to fire up the grill. I grill all year long and pouring rain is the only outdoor weather condition that can stand between me and the grill. So, what’s on the grill for Labor Day?

Well so many choices, right? Try something new in the spirit of it’s a holiday after all? Or, easy peasy tried and true: It’s Labor Day so let’s not work too hard! And then, rain is in the forecast so we need to consider outdoor recipes that can easily be prepared indoors if the rain forces that grill option. Also, I gave up grains and went Paleo after reading Grain Brain and Wheat Belly last year, so there is that.

So, trying to serve (no pun intended) all those masters here is what is on my grill for Labor Day:

Main course: Kevin Gillespie’s Barbecue Chicken with Alabama White Barbecue Sauce. I love discovering new condiments and white barbecue sauce sounds like something I need to try. It looks delicious,  totally Paleo and could easily be grilled indoors or even baked. Genius!

Side: Grilled Vegetable Salad. So many choices for this! If you have been gardening like Toby, you should have tomatoes and zucchini. Slice them up! Corn is ridiculously plentiful at Farmers’ Markets this year though it is not Paleo. Chop some eggplant, onions, even sweet potatoes and/or whatever you like, put in a bowl with the slices tomatoes and zucchini and toss with olive oil and grill. You can do this on an indoor grill is need be or use your broiler. Mix up a vinaigrette in that bowl,  transfer the grilled vegetables. Salt & pepper to taste and your done.  You can use this recipe from Wolfgang Puck for further instructions or these 10 grilled vegetable recipes for further inspiration.

That’s what’s on the grill here for Labor Day. What’s on your grill?




Author: Marianne Richmond

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