3 Digital Food Video Channels / Networks

"New Digital Video Network"Where do you go to find innovation, entertainment and inspiration when it comes to food?

Perhaps you head to the Food Network to watch a couple episodes of Iron Chef or Chopped or Bizarre Foods from the Travel Channel. Or do you browse through your cookbook library? Perhaps you tune in to the Splendid Table or catch a back podcast or two.  Maybe you tap into a favorite food blogger or watch a random YouTube video.

I admit I’ve done all of the above. Too often I’m finding traditional TV cooking shows a bit of yawn. Too often the chefs and cooks seem to be sad actors who are placed in compromised settings to please the sponsors. Now I get the importance of making a buck but …

These days my food innovation, entertainment and inspiration come from the edgy, raw world of original digital food videos where social is often integrated.  The New Digital Video Food Channels and Networks are not only authentic but since they’re online the great benefit is I can watch them when I want and where I want e.g. mobile.

3 Digital Food Video Channels/Networks To Watch

Munchies, from Vice Media, is anything but bland and boring. Highlighting chefs from Brooklyn to Scotland To Tokyo Munchies combines traditional blogs with gorgeously filmed videos.
Food Country Guides is one of Munchies’ newest series. In this video (above) host Charlet Duboc from London “… surrenders her stomach to Scotland.”  If you like your foodie vids extra spicy Munchies is for you.

A Chef’s Life, from PBS, takes a very intimate direction. In true southern hospitality style, Chef Vivian Howard invites us to visit with her as she and her husband Ben Knight open and run a restaurant, The Chef and The Farmer, in a small town in North Carolina. The filming is so personal that we honestly care about Chef Vivian and the food she develops from local ingredients, inspired by her southern roots, into something very special.

Fish Tales, produced by Chef Bart van Olphen of Amsterdam, is the shortest cooking show you’ll watch … 15-seconds to be exact.  All of the episodes are served on Instagram.  Chef Bart wanted to show people preparing healthy seafood meals is as easy as 1, 2, 3 … 15!

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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