7 Tips: What To Do With Too Many Zucchinis

"7 TipsWhat To Do With  Too Many Zucchinis"You patiently planted the cute, little seedlings. You watered and fed them on a rigorous schedule. You celebrated you first beautiful green zucchini and your second and twenty-seventh. You’ve made zucchini at least fifty different ways.  Check out Kalyan ’s Kitchen for lots of great recipes.

Mother Nature was either overly kind this year or laughing at you as you continue to harvest. Zucchini has taken over your kitchen, your pantry and your fridge. Your friends and family now run in the opposite direction when they see you approaching with yet another squash.

Not to fret! We’re here to help you with a few ideas, none from your Grandma’s recipe box, for your Zucchini Bounty that won’t stop.

 7 Tips What To Do With Too Many Zucchinis

  1. Everyone loves presents right? Wrap the zucchini’s in pretty paper tie with a bow and in the dead of night, leave them on the door steps in neighborhoods not near yours.
  2.  Tell your friends it’s carve a Zucchini Day (a la carve a Halloween pumpkin).
  3. Enter America’s Got Talent playing a Zucchini flute.
  4. Carve zucchini into serving bowls. Tell your friends you’re into local and sustainable.
  5. Add wheels and create the first Zucchini Nascar Race. Hey maybe you can pull in a sponsor or two!
  6. Zucchini as erotica toy.
  7. Add faces to create unique personalities and put on a Zucchini puppet show for the neighborhood kids. Bonus: each kid gets to take home a bushel basket to make their own puppet!

What’s your secret way to share too many zucchinis?

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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