John Wright, Owner, Bee Wild : A Foodpreneur Interview

Bee Wild Logo ~ Fun!

Recently I spent a beautiful spring afternoon at the Duluth Arts Festival. Among the art booths I spotted a a cool dude  selling honey.

I made a bee line (ouch sorry!) to talk to the owner, John Wright. John graciously offered tastes of of his products and told me a little about the history of Bee Wild. The honey is from a 3rd generation Georgia family farm ~ love that one!

The honey was divialicious (!) and John agreed to an interview as part of our salute to foodprenerurs aka food makers in celebration of SBA’s Small Business Week.

John Wright, Owner of Bee Wild


About John Wright By John Wright – I am a true nature lover, and lover of the natural beauty of this planet. [Note John also loves climbing trees!]

Diva Foodies: How do your products reflect your passion for food?

John Wright, President/Owner Bee Wild: Our honeys are harvested in small seasonal batches so much like fine wine each one has it’s own unique flavor profile. Additionally, we have recently launched our “Wild-Side” line of infused honeys of which we have a Lavender Infused Honey and our Devil’s Advocate-Ghost Pepper Infused Honey.  These certainly reflect our passion for food.

Diva Foodies:  My favorite was your Lavender Honey. How do you come up with your divalicious honey flavor combinations?

Honey Making – Bee Wild

John Wright, President/Owner Bee Wild: So my first Infused Honey idea came to me in a dream, no joke! I got a message in a dream to “create a hot honey” so I did! We have had such a great response from our customers with our spicy honey that I decided to create another one, our Lavender Infused Honey. Turns out it’s a big it too!

Diva Foodies: No surprise that Lavender Infused Honey turned out to be a big hit! What one tip would you give to a person who wants to start a food-product business? Why is this tip important to you?

John Wright, President/Owner Bee Wild:

My most important tip is to find out if people like the flavor experience of their food(s) and if it there is a health benefit to their food(s).

Essentially finding out if there is a demand/need in the marketplace for their products before launching and if there isn’t then assessing what it will take to create enough interest to spark a demand.

Diva Foodies: We also Love the bright, playful Bee Wild Logo.

Bee Wild Logo is great fun!

Diva Foodies: As you know the food product world is fiercely competitive. What makes Bee Wild extra, extra special?

John Wright, President/Owner Bee Wild: 

What makes us extra extra special is our 3-generation family farm and old-school way of beekeeping paired with our modern progressive edge.

Our old-school beekeeping practices keep us more  sustainable by having our bees In the wild we avoid the harmful effects of the pesticides and herbicides that the bees would otherwise come in contact with at large commercial farms. This keeps our bees healthier and makes our honey truly wild-crafted.

Our modern progressive edge is how we show up in the world, we are proud members of 1% For The Planet, a company founded by the founder of Patigonia, and we commit  to giving 1% of our annual revenue to organizations that are dedicated to saving the bees.

Without the honeybees we have very little food left as human race, what could bee more important!?

Honey – Bee Wild

Diva Foodies: A very important questions — Where can folks buy Bee Wild honey?

John Wright, President/Owner Bee Wild: You can find our full line Bee Wild gourmet raw honeys and products on our website , as well as any of our local weekly and bi-weekly farmer’s markets. We have a list of those on our website as well as a list of all of our Retailers who carry our honeys in their store. Check out  Our Local Weekly Farmer’s Markets and In-Person Events

Connect with John and Bee Wild!

Website| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



Author: Toby Bloomberg

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