A Chef’s Story: Chef Sang, Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill

Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill 

Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill 

In between the condos, apartments and retail stores on Peachtree Street, in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, is restaurant where the chef is passionate about sharing his love of Vietnamese street food or as Chef Sang calls it “working class food.” I was introduced to Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill through a tweet from my pal @SashaEats.

[Side note: Social media can work deliciously for restaurants & food makers!]

Thank you Chef Sang and Truc Mai for the invitation to taste Bun Min Vietnamese Grill’s special Pho. The meal was complementary except for the wine. No other compensation was received. All opinions in this post are those of the author.

Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill – Pho

In this exclusive video interview Chef Sang describes his special Pho. Chef’s passion for sharing his love of Vietnamese street food comes through loud and clear! And as for the Pho… it was one of the most divalicious soups I’ve enjoyed.

The menu and the restaurant includes surprise treats… like fresh from the coconut milk served in the coconut! Delicious!

Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill Coconut Milk

Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill Fresh Coconut Milk

Go on a scavenger hunt and find this gorgeous original mural. Fabulous!

Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill Mural

Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill Mural

After meeting Chef Sang and eating his food I was curious to know his backstory. Why was he passionate about food? Why did he want to open a restaurant? What is his favorite food to make? And more! Please meet Chef Sang, owner of Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill!

Diva Foodies: What were family meals like when you were a little boy?

Chef Sang, Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill: Family meals were always the best. My dad was an amazing cook and we’d always ate together. Being one of ten children, it could get hectic but my siblings always made sure the younger one got their food. Since I was the seventh child, I got some special treatment but still needed to be quick to get the best parts.

Diva Foodies: With ten (!) kids plus your parents I expect mealtime was never dull! When did you realize your love for cooking was a passion?

Chef Sang, Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill: I have more of a passion for eating than cooking. Coming from a large immigrant family we never went out to eat or had store bought snacks. So, whenever my parents or older siblings were not able to cook, I would tinker in the kitchen with whatever we had to hold me through till meal time. At eleven I had mastered the art of egg cooking with over 15 variations.

Diva Foodies: Wow! eleven variations of eggs – impressive. Owning a restaurant is a bit like walking on the wild side. Why did you decide to open Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill especially in the competitive Buckhead community of Atlanta?

Chef Sang, Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill: I grew up in the restaurant business. My sister has a Vietnamese restaurant in Dorchester, MA for over 25 years.

I saw how difficult it is, but loved how you can bring people together with food.

After I bought my first restaurant, I caught the bug. However, I knew I wanted to get back to my Vietnamese roots and introduce high quality authentic Vietnamese food to American audience.

Diva Foodies: Please tell me about the special food you offer which is classic French-Vietnamese.

Chef Sang, Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill: When I think France, Paris, the Eiffel tower, French baguette, good cheese and nice bottle of wine comes to mind. As for Vietnam, Ao Dai (Vietnamese women long dress), fish sauce, bold fresh flavors, and family.

Our banh Mi embody those qualities of the two nations; it has a simple elegance, and full of fresh bold flavors.

Diva Foodies: What is your favorite food to make for your restaurant guests?

Chef Sang, Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill: My favorite item is the Heo Mi (lemon grass banh mi). We start with our toasted airy and crispy baguette. Followed by our roasted garlic aioli, and rich white truffle pate to create a barrier that prevent sogginess from the from the filling of cool crunchy cucumber, sweet and tart shredded carrots and daikon, and distinct floral cilantro. Finally, the flame grilled perfectly balance marbled cut of lemongrass marinated pork. The senses get a symphony of textures, flavors, and smell which dances in the mouth begging for another bite.

Diva Foodies: What is special about dining at Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill makes if different from other Vietnamese restaurants?

Chef Sang, Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill: We do not use MSG in anything we cook. Our freshness and quality is unrivaled in Atlanta. Although our portion are huge, patrons are able to finish every morsel without feeling stuffed, and drowsy after (there is no “itish” effect).

We love food and we love people. Our mission is for you to walk out with huge smile. Knowing that you were treated with the hospitality of an honored guest to a Vietnamese household.

Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill Chicken Wings

Diva Foodies: As is our tradition in interviews, you get the last word. Please wrap it up anyway you’d like.

Chef Sang, Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill: We are honored to be able to bring the beautiful aspects of Vietnamese food and hospitality experience to Atlanta. Bun Mi bringing you Fresh, Fast, Filling Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine.

Connect with Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill

Address: 2277 Peachtree Rd Suite H Atlanta, Georgia|Free Parking

Phone: 678.705.9156

Website| Twitter| Instagram| Facebook 

Chef SAng, Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill

Chef SAng, Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill


Author: Toby Bloomberg

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