Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society Four Roses Bourbon® Holiday Recipe Roundup

The Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society was recently invited, by Four Roses Bourbon®, to take part in a holiday recipe challenge. Could the AFBS members use Four Roses Bourbon® to take a holiday – sweet or savory – dish to a new level of deliciousness? We think these creative food bloggers exceeded expectations.

To inspire your holiday menu we’ve put together a Recipe Roundup of the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society posts. Enjoy … they are for sure Divalicious!

Savory-Sweet-Drinks-Gift Ideas Recipes Inspired By Four Roses Bourbon® 

Savory Bourbon Inspired Recipes

Melissa Pelkey-Hass created a luscious scallop dish that combines candied bacon, mix pecans, brown sugar and Four Roses Bourbon. Bourbon Cream Scallops – Front Porch Gourmet. Photo credit: The Front Porch Gourmet

Atlanta Food Bloggers' Society Bourdon Recipes

Chef Nancy Waldeck wanted her dish to be both delicious and healthy. Her stuffed mushroom side dish that includes sweet potato and quinoa is a great start to your holiday meal. Bourbon Sweet Potato and Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms – Taste & Savor

For Lia Picard this was an opportunity to develop a new savory dish. Her Bourbon Spiked Corn Pudding – The Cardigan Kitchen looks like the perfect holiday comfort food.

Teresa took a tried & true and kicked it up a notch! There were no lefts for her ‘new’ Bourbon Honey Baked Salmon – Red Velvet Confections !

There is no better way to enjoy friends and family during the holidays, than with a lazy brunch. Minjenah takes a favorite of many to the nth yummy degree with Bourbon Banana French Toast with Bourbon Maple Syrup – Beef & Chocolate. Photo credit: Beef and Chocolate

Atlanta Food Bloggers' Society Bourdon Recipes

Randy & Melanie, the husband and wife duo of the Atlanta Food Critic went waaay over the top with Six (!) recipes. They take us from breakfast with eggs with a bourdon kick to Bourbon El Dragon Verde; Bourbon Baked Beans with Beef (the secret ingredient that was missing from family recipe was… you guessed it bourdon!); Two BBQ Baked Chicken recipes and a delightfully fresh Chicken Spinach Salad. Check the all out – At Home with Four Roses Bourbon – Atlanta Food Critic

Brian Kavanagh of the Ultimate Caveman, sends brussels sprouts over the edge and back again with the addition of a bourbon glaze with bacon – Bourbon Bacon Brussel Sprouts .

 “But the best part about traditions is that you make them your own. New traditions can be just as special as old ones.” – Kitchen Man Can 

For his holiday dish Kitchen Man Can experimented with a new mushroom dish. It could be a new tradition to your meal! –Thanksgiving is always better with Bourbon

Sweet Bourbon Inspired Recipes 

When Linda Carmical, founder of Do.Food.Better, added a splash or 2 of bourdon to her Pecan Pie she found it made the flavors richer. What’s not to love with this dessert? Pecan Pie and Four Roses Bourbon® Holidayn

Who knew bread pudding could be even more delicious? Jehan recreated her pumpkin bread pudding recipe with pumpkin butter, buttery croissants, bourbon and topping it with a bourbon sauce. Jehan says it’s, “Delicious, decadent and EASY!”  Way! Pumpkin Butter Bread Pudding – Jehan Can Cook

Shana decided to take her holiday recipe gluten free. She made her favorite Apple Crisp, added a touch or two of bourdon and voilà!  In Shana’s words’ “… the flavor is just plain amazing!” Bourbon Apple Crisp – Shana Was Here

Drinks Bourbon Inspired Recipes

Britt created a “… festive and delicious cocktail that will warm your whole body. Just add a fire in your fireplace, flurries of snow and and a cuddle comfortable chair! Hot Apple Cider- Britt’s Blurbs

Gift Ideas Bourbon Inspired Recipes

Chef Demetra Overton shares a recipe for Figgy Bourdon that sounds so divalicious you better make a batch for yourself! Bonus! you can use the figs for other recipes like figgy pudding. Fig-flavored Bourbon – Sweet Savant

What is better than the rich, warmth of gorgeous vanilla adding flavor to your favorite recipes? For Denise Romeo  it’s home-made vanilla from bourdon! Homemade Vanilla Bourbon Extract – We Like To Cook!

Atlanta Food Bloggers' Society Bourbon Recipes

…. and one more!



Although Diva Foodies did not participate in this fun challenge, I was inspired to create a bourdon recipe that I’m calling …

Cheatin’ Bourdon Banana’s Foster


1 banana

1 T brown sugar

1 T butter

Splash or two of good bourdon – because life is too shot to use the cheap stuff (!)

Extra if you don’t care about calories

Chocolate sauce

Whipped cream

Maraschino cherries

a few pecans couldn’t hurt either!


Slice banana

In a heavy skillet melt butter and add brown sugar until it becomes a syrup.

Add banana/s; coat well with the syrup and cook until tender but not mushy

Add bourdon. Cook until desired firmness.

Pour into a bowl (take care it will be hot); let cool and top with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a cherry or two.

Note: of course ingredients can be modified to taste and with more bananas.



Author: Toby Bloomberg

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