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Spouts Diva Foodies
I suppose if you are a food blogger one of your joys is to explore new venues that sell food like farmers’ markets, fairs and yes, grocery stores. Some people like to hang out at malls, I prefer food locales.

When the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society offered an opportunity for a private food blogger tour of the newly opened Morningside (Atlanta) Sprouts I was in. Sprouts is positioned as a “Healthy grocery store rooted in fresh, natural and organic foods at affordable prices.” Even with fierce competition in this category Spouts is on an upward swing. (Investor deck 2016)

Sprouts Diva Foodies

With Marisa Moore, an Atlanta-based dietitian, as our guide Spouts took a slightly different focus for our tour. We walked the store with Marisa pointing out products that were plant-based. As you might imagine in a store that sells organic food there were many!Sprouts Diva Foodies


As we made our way through each section of the store from Bakery (the peach pie should be on your to try list!) to Prepared Foods, Produce,

Sprouts Diva Foodies

Packaged Goods, Frozen Foods and even Health Supplements Mariasa identified multiple products and patiently answered our questions. Although I enjoy F&V (fruit and veggies) I am not a vegetarian but I found the tour fascinating. Marisa gave us the scoop on lentils (video).

The depth of products in the Dairy Section was super impressive!

In addition to an extensive selection of plant based food the grocery store offers meats, fish, wine Sprouts Diva Foodiesand even baby food.

When wandering around a grocery store like Sprouts one expects to find a surprise or two. Sprouts certainly did not disappoint… Blackberry, Blueberry and Peach Ketchup are on my to taste list!

Sprouts Diva Foodies

In keeping with Sprouts’ commitment to enhanced customer service the staff is friendly and helpful. We all know that with any retail experience it is the frontline people who strongly influence life-long customers.

Sprouts Diva Foodies

As a marketer, I found the way Sprouts integrated and displayed its sales flyers into the shopping experience creative.

And there are great deals on flowers too. One must always save room in the budget for something for the heart!

Sprouts Diva Foodies

The Sprouts tour was part of a  blogger influencer program affiliated with Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society. I received a Sprouts gift certificate. All opinions are those of the author.

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Author: Toby Bloomberg

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