Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! August 2nd is definitely a day to celebrate.

Recently I received a copy of food blogger Irvin Lin’s new cookbook Marbled, Swirled And LayeredReading cookbooks is a happy time for me (as is eating ice cream!). I especially appreciated that Irvin Lin encourages his readers to experiment with his basic recipes. In fact, he even provides suggestions.

Disclaimer: This post is part of an influencer blogger program. I received no monetary compensation or ingredients although the cookbook “Marbled, Swirled And Layered” was complementary. All comments and opinions are those of the author.

Marbled, Swirled and Layered includes a recipe for Vanilla and Peach-Bourbon Ice Cream. Ice cream + Bourbon + In-season Peaches — Oh, yes I’m in !– Let’s make ice cream sandwiches to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

What makes this recipe different is the peaches and bourbon add-in is not mixed into the ice cream but rather used instead as an additional flavor layer to the ice cream serving. The ice cream recipe is part of an ice cream pie recipe that includes a Honey-Cornflake Crust. While the honey-cornflake crust did sound quite delish I was on a mission to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day with a homemade ice cream sandwich.

The peach-bourbon add-in has a beautiful rich color.

Ice cream – got the ice cream recipe!

Irvin Lin’s Soft and Chewy Oat and Blueberry Cookies seemed like the perfect cookie choice to enhance especially the peach-bourbon add-in. The more I thought of home made ice cream + peach bourdon add-in + oatmeal cookies the more I knew this was going to be a match made in ice cream sandwich heaven.

Cookies – got the cookie recipe!

Taking my cue from Irvin Lin I did a bit of experimenting. I included dried cherries instead of blueberries to the cookies. This is suggested in the Vanilla and Peach-Bourbon with Honey-Cornflake Crust recipe. I added some nutmeg and ginger to the peach-bourbon add-in.

Photo Credit: Photographer Linda Xiao

The peach-bourbon add-in recipe did not indicate a particular brand of bourbon; I wondered what Irvin Lin would use. I reached out to the agency that kindly sent me the cookbook and they put the question to the author. It turns out Irvin Lin’s favorite bourbon is Four Roses. Sadly, I did not have that brand on-hand and used another premium bourbon. Will save my pennies to try Four Roses next time!

Four Roses is one of my favorite bourbons to use in my peach bourbon ice cream sandwiches, and flat out one of my all around favorite bourbons. – Irvin Lin, author

After making all of the elements (and licking the bowls…for each one!) I went to work making the ice cream sandwiches: oatmeal cookie, peach-bourbon, vanilla ice cream, oatmeal cookie. Freeze. Food friends – I think we have a winner! The crips oatmeal cookie against the creamy vanilla ice cream and the rich peaches and bourbon topping is an amazing flavor profile!

Note to self: next time double the peach-bourbon! I think this would be amazing with chicken or salmon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo Credit: Photographer Linda Xiao

My Irvin Lin inspired experimenting was not over! After the cookies were frozen I thought I might ‘take it up a notch.’ I dipped a few of the cookies into melted chocolate. I also added some of the peach-bourbon and broken oatmeal cookies to the vanilla ice cream. OMG!

Hope your National Ice Cream Sandwich Day will be as divalicious as mine!

Thanks to Laura and Dana of the Baddish Group and Chef Melissa Pelkey Hass.

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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