Being a committed foodie

"committed foodie"There are definitely many lists of the best cities for foodies for those interested in experiencing the foodie life while traveling. The Huffington Post published one list on September 9th, The 11 Greatest Foodie Cities in America and then on September 9th followed with 8 Under the Radar Foodie Cities. Conde Nast Traveler has 20 cities on it’s best American cities for Foodies list. USA Today aimed it’s top 10 foodie city list at those with a bucket list of foodie destinations. There is even a list of the worst cities for foodies. As foodies, we consult these lists. It is part of being a committed  foodie. We want to experience the best.

However, if your  commitment to the foodie life goes beyond visiting top restaurants in foodie cities, acquiring commercial appliances and building a super pantry for your kitchen to the foodiness of  the location of where you actually live, you are part of the newest trend in real estate development.  From Brooklyn to Anaheim California to Madison Wisconsin residential real estate projects are “centered on the local food scene.” What is re-shaping residential real estate development is  “green markets, top rated restaurants and celebrity chefs”

So, if you find yourself asking your real  estate agent about proximity to green markets and hot restaurants before asking about the quality of the school districts and the latest crime statistics you have taken one more step in being a committed foodie.  You are now a seriously committed foodie. You are not consulting a “best” list, you are living the list.


Author: Marianne Richmond

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