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Diva Foodie found it for you! So many interesting happenings in food and drink .. so  little time to discover them. We go ’round the digital world for the best and most interesting news in food and drink. Some are fun stories, others are important trends.

This week we’re highlighting a unique produce score system from Whole Foods, a way to kickflip your sushi and The Great Pumpkin of 2014.  Check out this week’s News Tapa about Expo Milano 2014 and the Food Truck Nation.

Diva Foodies 'Round The WebThere’s a new report card at Whole Foods. Whole Food developed a unique rating system that gives customers information about the source of the food. For example the score care will include the type of pesticides and water use, waste management and even how farm workers were treated. “This is the latest example of our commitment to transparency and sustainable agriculture.” –  Matt Rogers, Whole Foods standards and sourcing.

Photo credit: Whole Foods NewsRoom

Read more about Whole Foods at Diva Foodies.

How about a little kickflip with your sushi? Dazzle Skateboards adds Californai Rolls and King Crab Sushi to skateboard fun.

Diva Food News 'Round The Web


It Is THE Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!  Falls brings the battle to win the championship of the giant vegtable. From onions to cabbages to carrots gardeners are bringing their home grown produce to local fairs in the hope of winning the wow bragging right and more tangible prizes. This week in Half Moon Bay, CA the 41st Annual Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-off  brought out the Biggest Badest Pumpkins. A new North American record for pumpkins was set with a 2,o58 lb pumpkin. The winner received more than $13K in prize money. Not bad for a summer’s work.

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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