Diva Foodie News ‘Round The Web 9/19/2014

"Diva Foodie News 'round The Web 9/19/2014"Diva Foodies goes ’round the web on the hunt for the best and most interesting news in food and drink. This week we’re highlighting a San Francisco controversial urban farming program, why Coca Cola brought back Surge, a ’90’s soft drink: hint: the impact of social media, McDonald’s bet that crowd sourcing will create their next big burger win and the newest in precooked home delivery food … believe it or not, airline food.

Diva Foodie News Round the Web 9/19/2014

San Francisco Provides Tax Break For Vacant Lot Farms. Creating urban gardens from plots of neglected land scatter with glass and trash seems like a win win for sustainable food and the city. However, for some it’s become a controversial program. “It’s not like we have a food shortage in California … but we certainly have a housing shortage,” David Sobel, executive director of San Francisco Housing Development Corporation, a nonprofit that helps lower-to middle-income people find affordable housing.”

The Surge Movement brings back the Coca Cola soft drink from the ’90’s. The citrus soda, around for only 5 years (1996-2001), turned into a cult drink of sorts. So much so that a Surge Facebook page grew a community to approximately 140,165 social fans as a tribute to their “Glorious Greed Goddess.” So Coke is bringing back the soft drink in a can that looks more psychedelic ’60’s.  Currently Surge is only available on amazon.com but you can be sure that Coca Cola will be watching sales closely to determine if Surge warrents another retail outlet.

McDonalds is crowd sourcing burger, buns, cheese and  toppings. McD’s goal is to find the best combination which can be rolled out nationally. Customers in 4 southern California stores will be able to choose from toppings like chili lime torilla strips, guacamole, spicy mayo, bacon, grilled mushrooms and more.

Home Delivery Of Airline.Meals. A German online grocery store is partnering with Lufthansa airline’s food provider, LSG Sky Chefs. No boring coach meals (are meals served in coach these days?). Food quality is business class with food like Arabic seafood and panserotti with porcini mushrooms.

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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