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Diva Foodies News 'Round The WebDiva Foodies goes ’round the web on the hunt for the best and most interesting news in food and drink. This week we’re spotlighting California Wine Month, saying farewell to a leader in the food industry Truett Cathy, talking a look at what might be the next trend in growing produce plants, the next trend in how you’ll pay for your groceries and smart chopsticks that just might prevent food poisioning.

Diva Foodies News ‘Round The Web

September Is Proclaimed California Wine Month. In the aftermath of droughts and earthquakes impacting California vineyards, Govenor Jerry Brown set forth a proclamation that celebrates both the grapes of California and the people who turn them into the wine people enjoy all over the world.  “… in raising a glass to the pioneers, beginning with Padre Kino, who helped bring this amazing bounty to our state, and the many diligent and innovative workers today who help the industry continue to thrive.”

Truett Cathy, founder and chairman emeritus of Chick-fil-A Dies at 93. From a small town diner in Hapeville, GA Truett Cathy grew Chick-fil-A into annual sales of $5B in 2013 with more than 1,800 Chick-fil-A restaurants operating in 40 states and Washington, D.C.  It was his dedication to customers, staff and operators that contributed to his amazing success.  “I’d like to be remembered as one who kept my priorities in the right order. We live in a changing world, but we need to be reminded that the important things have not changed. I have always encouraged my restaurant operators and team members to give back to the local community. We should be about more than just selling chicken, we should be a part of our customers’ lives and the communities in which we serve.”  It was a pleasure Mr. Cathy.

Seed To Table The Next Food Trend. Chef Dan Barber, Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barn, has a vision that one day chefs and organic plant breeders will work together to develop seeds that produce plants bred for flavor.  Chefs would work with breeders to develop the exact type of ingredient that would take their next creation over the the top.

Whole Foods Market® Won’t Accept Checks. Whole Foods Market is among the initial innovator retailers to incorporate Apple Pay as a customer mobile payment system. The program will launch Fall of 2014.

Smart Chopsticks Tell If Food Is Safe. What started out as an April Fool video joke by a Chinese company might have turned into a real viable product.  A red light flahes on the smart chopsticks to warm you if the cooking oil has a level of polar materials greater than 25%. It’s thought the stop don’t eat signal could help prevent food poisoning.

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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