Diva Foodies Kid Chef – Janey

Diva Foodies Kid Chef JaneyDiva Foodies Kid Chef series is a fun peek into the lives of kids who love to cook and bake.

Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking. It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity.  ~ Guy Fieri

It is our pleasure to introduce you to 8-year old Diva Foodies Kid Chef Janey. Although Janey is only in the third grade, she definitely knows her way around the kitchen. She loves to create her own recipes and has kindly shared one of her favorites with us! Thanks Janey … it looks delicious!

Diva Foodies: Do you remember what the first thing you ever cooked or baked?

Kid Chef Janey: I think it was a salad that I made. I made the dressing but I don’t remember what was in it.

Diva Foodies: How old were you when you first started cooking?

 Kid Chef Janey: I started cooking with Dad when I was 4.

Diva Foodies Kid Chef - Janey

Kid Chef Janey chooses M&Ms for Dad’s special birthday cake

 Diva Foodies: We heard that you know a lot about how flavors work together (awesome!) and often make up your own recipes. What was the most fun recipe you ever created?

Kid Chef Janey: I think the Taco Salad that my brother liked.

Diva Foodies: Any chance you might share your special Taco Salad recipe?

Taco Salad Recipe Created By Diva Foodies Kid Chef Janey!

It had crushed tortilla chips, salsa, shredded mozzarella cheese.  It had cooked ground beef with cumin and salt and pepper. Corn and black beans. I layered it and then stuck whole tortilla chips in the top for garnish.

Diva Foodies Kid Chef - Janey

Kid Chef Janey cooking with her little brother.

Diva Foodies: What is your favorite food to eat?

Kid Chef Janey: Sushi!

Diva Foodies: What’s your favorite kitchen tool and why?

Kid Chef Janey: My new paring knife. Because my Grammaleah got it for me and it cuts everything.

Diva Foodies Kid Chef - Janey

Diva Foodies: Do you have a favorite cooking show? Why do you like it?

Kid Chef Janey: Pioneer Woman. She doesn’t use expensive ingredients that no one has. Her recipes are easy.

Diva Foodies: Mom Jennifer how/when did you realize Janey loved to cook/bake?

Mom Jennifer: We put Janey in her high chair in front of Food Network because it was something we could all watch. She was a little “Emeril” tossing food and yelling “Bam!”

When she was 4, I was making banana bread and she told me I had left out the salt. I had. She is fast making me the third-best cook in the house, which I am absolutely going to take advantage of once she is allowed more unsupervised reign of the kitchen.

Diva Foodies: Anything else Kid Chef Janey or Mom Jennifer that you want to add?

Kid Chef Janey: My favorite seasoning is the spice blend Spike. And salad dressing should always have balsamic vinegar.

Diva Foodies Kid Chef - Janey

Diva Foodies Kid Chef series was inspired by the Fox food TV Show Master Chef Junior where kid chefs compete cooking their little hearts out on national TV.

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Author: Toby Bloomberg

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