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Diva Foodies Sage I like to eatDiva Foodies Kid Chef Series highlights ~ ‘just kids’ who love to cook. Well … they may be ‘just kids” today but tomorrow … they may be the next MasterChef Junior winner like Logan Guleff or finalist Zac Kara who joined us on #FoodTVChat.

“In the childhood memories of every good cook, there’s a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot and a mom.” – Barbara Costikyan

We’re not sure about the ‘large kitchen’ but the warm stove, a simmering pot and a mom’ are certainly inspirations for Kid Chef Sage! Join me in welcoming one of the cutest and sweetest kid food bloggers I know ~ 8 year old Kid Chef Sage from Sage Loves 2 Eat!

I first met Sage (by the way isn’t that a perfect name for a foodie?!) when her mom, food blogger Shana Lee of Shana_Was_Here, brought her to food media events. It was adorable to watch Sage snapping food photos; but as exciting it’s been fun to watch her grow into a pretty savvy social media kid foodie.

Diva Foodies: Do you remember what the first thing you ever cooked or baked?

Kid Chef Sage:   The first thing I cooked on my own was pancakes!

Diva Foodies: How old were you when you first started cooking?

Kid Chef Sage:   My mother started letting my help her cook when I was about 5.

Diva Foodies:  What is your favorite dish to make and why?

Kid Chef Sage:   My favorite dish to make is pancakes, eggs, and homemade sausage, because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Even if you have breakfast for dinner!

Helping @chezmontier out at the #SpringMediaDinner! #sageloves2eat #kidfoodie

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Diva Foodies: What is your favorite food to eat?

Kid Chef Sage:  My favorite food to eat is sushi and pizza!

Diva Foodies: What’s your favorite kitchen tool and why?

Kid Chef Sage:  A potato masher, because it’s fun to mash things!

Sage being interview by @Mashable at #KidTalks #dreamfearlessly #mashable #atlanta #dreambig #shanawashere #mashpics

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Diva Foodies: Do you have a favorite cooking show? Why do you like it?

Kid Chef Sage: I love Food Network Star Kids!  It’s fun to watch kids do things some grown-ups can’t! I also like Master Chef Jr! Those kids can really cook!

Diva Foodies _ Sage with Chef Aaron Sanchez

Chef Aaron Sanchez gives Sage a hug!

Diva Foodies: We love your tweets, blog posts and Instagram photos! Why are you, as we marketing people say, on social media?

Kid Chef Sage:  Because I want people to know all the awesome things I’m up to. I am very proud of my accomplishments!

Diva Foodies: Sage is adding video to her repertoire of social media content!

Diva Foodies: What would you say to other kids who are thinking of getting into social media? Where should they start?

Kid Chef Sage: Start with Instagram! It’s really easy to understand. You just post pictures of things you want to share with others.

Diva Foodies: Mom Shana how/when did you realize Sage loved to cook and/or bake?

Mom Shana:  Sage loved to watch me cook as a toddler.  I used to sit her in her highchair facing me as I cooked. She always watched so intensely. I knew that she would love to cook, as I do.

Diva Foodies: Anything else Kid Chef Sage or Mom Shana that you want to add?

Mom Shana:  Cooking is a great way to spend quality time with your child.

Some of our best memories are in the kitchen. 

Cooking also helps your child practice their math and creativity skills.

Kid Chef Sage:  And its fun!!!Diva Foodies_Sage I like 2 eat

Connect with Sage on her social media channels!

Twitter | Instagram | Blog

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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