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Training +Coaching + Campaign Development = Marketing Success = Increased Sales = A Sustainable Culinary Business


It’s not a secret – establishing and growing specialty, artisan food and beverage businesses is a challenge.

To address the impact of today’s competitive culinary marketplace, Diva Foodies is launching an innovative one-stop solution — Food Makers’ Studio. This unique social media/digital marketing immersive program combines:

  •  A series of workshops,
  • Coaching
  • Peer-to-peer interactions
  • On-going learning

Our goal is to partner with organizations that support economic development of foodpreneurs, aka food makers, by providing a proven, comprehensive program for marketing success. In addition, offering the Food Makers’s Studio is a great way to supplement a brand loyalty program.

How Do We Know Food Makers’ Studio Works?

My Story. I’m Toby Bloomberg, co-founder of Diva Foodies. During the course of my career I’ve had the pleasure of working with thousands of marketers and business owners, including those in the food world, through training, coaching, developing plans, and campaigns.

Toby Bloomberg – X Potomac

I love the passion that fuels food entrepreneurs. However, the day-to-day long hours and limited resources often create barriers to long-term success. Working closely with foodpreneurs I felt their frustrations and wanted to find a way to help.

Sometimes a solution is right in front of you. My ah ha moment came when I was talking with a catering company experiencing the proverbial small business roller coaster ride. I suddenly remembered an award-winning marketing program for small businesses I directed (funded by the SBA and a local municipality).

This unique program combined training, coaching and market plan development. Although strategy was included it focused heavily on pragmatic tactics a small business owner could implement. The result was growth wins!

Food Markers’ Studio was created to remove barriers and make way for amazing foodpreneur success stories. 

How Does Food Makers’ Studio Work?

Crave Pie Studio - Breana Carson Baking Pies

Crave Pie Studio – Briana Carson Baking Pies

There are three aspects to Food Makers’ Studio that we call The Triple C! 

  • Cornerstone: Interactive workshops teach how to increase sales by developing digital know-how, providing tools and furnishing best practice marketing options. Topics may include, social media channels, content creation and curation, SEO, blogs, advertising,  influencer marketing, metrics, email and more. Training materials are included to reinforce concepts.
Benefit: Develop the skills and understanding of how-to create, execute, and manage your digital assets.
  • Coaching: Hand-holding coaching and feedback support the development of the foodentrepneur’s success path.
 Benefit: Create a road map that is based on realistic resources, expectations and goals.
  • Collaboration: Peer-to-peer support, in a digital community, provides an opportunity to  exchange ideas with like-minded business owners who share similar passions. Special guests will provide private Q&A sessions on a variety of digital marketing topics.
Benefit: Opportunity to brainstorm, share resources and extend the critical peer-to-peer network; as well as, on-going learning from experts and successful foodpreneurs.
Suzy Neal Unicoi Preserves

Suzy Neal – Unicoi Preserves

So look at us as a your clients’ marketing partner and coach. The work does not begin and end with a workshop leaving food entrepreneurs on their own to figure out social platforms, ever-changing algorithms and privacy issues. Success rests on professionally developed programs, follow-up assistance in implementing those programs, peer interaction and on-going learning.

How A Partnership Relationship Benefits Your Organization 

The opportunities to support small business growth have never been brighter. However, with favorable circumstances comes marketplace competition. To cut through the noise, in order to attract new customers, retain the existing base and increase customer purchase levels companies are turning to innovative, value-add loyalty programs. The Food Makers’ Studio offers you a unique competitive advantage.

Food Makers’ Studio is the only program that integrates digital marketing training with follow-up coaching, peer-to-peer community support and on-going learning in one dish ~ so to speak!

  • Turn-key program supports the economic development of small, local food entrepreneurs
  • Easy customized program from topics to program length to price
  • Food Makers’ Studio becomes your Intel training and market support program
  • Limited internal staff resources needed
  • Supports the organization’s community development goals for local food maker success
  • Provides tangible value to clients to grow their businesses
  • On-going learning and inspiration from experts and successful people in the food industry
  • Private community that builds and nurtures peer-to-peer networking

Organizations that will find value in offering Food Makers’ Studio to their clients and community include:

  • Associations
  • Government agencies
  • Municipalities and chambers of commerce
  • Grocery store chains
  • Culinary associations
  • Continuing extension education
  • Commercial kitchens and incubators
  • Investment and venture capital companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Food media networks
  • Advertising and public relations agencies
Biron Healthy Teas - Founders, Andi and Roland Biron

Biron Healthy Teas – Founders, Andi and Roland Biron

There are several ways we can work together from positioning the Food Makers’ Studio as a white label program to purchase of the program where  partners are “sponsors” and we do the heavy lifting of implementation. We’re always open to your creative ideas!

A Few Kind Words

“Diva Foodies’ creativity is a little like a chef’s. They begin with the end result in mind, take an innovative approach to tactical execution from online to offline and always keep in mind the perception of how it will resonant with my audience and me! They are as passionate and dedicated to what they do as I am for cooking!” – Jennifer Hill Booker, Culinary Explore at Georgia Department of Economic Development; Chef, Cookbook Author

“At a time when we are all hyper connected and everything is technology and data driven, Diva Foodies brings a welcome combination of the human touch and patience while maintaining a focus on rigor and results.” – Judith Service Montier, COO Chez Montier, Catering Company

“Wonderful presentation. Thank You!” – Tru Trifle Oil

Chef Juan Montier and Judith Service Montier – Chez Montier


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