#FoodTVChat Interview With Chef Dorian Hunter

Chef Dorian Hunter – Winner MasterChef Season 10

Chef Dorian Hunter, MasterChef Season 10 Winner ~ A Twitter Interview

It was a great pleasure to have Chef Dorian Hunter guest host Diva Foodies #FoodTVChat tweet chat guest last month. Although at the time of the chat we didn’t know Chef Dorian’s life was about to change we did know that her skills and talents were taking this gracious lady to the MasterChef finale.

In our pre tweet chat conversation Chef Dorian shared her backstory with us. She told us about growing up the middle child in a family of 10 kids. As you might expect, in a family that large everyone had chores. Dorian’s chore was to help with cooking. Before long she was responsible for making weekend breakfast for the family which included grits.

During the tweet chat we asked Chef Dorian how she made her grits ~

Dorian’s mom was her first culinary teacher and remains her inspiration to this day.

Culinary Lessons From Childhood

The lessons Dorian learned in her mom and dad’s kitchen gave her an advantage in the MasterChef kitchen. On the show being able to cook quickly is critical. As Dorian said, “I’m a really fast cook because people don’t like to wait.” Dorian was able to make sure every move was calculated to execute the dish within the time tight time constraints. For her time management was never a big issue.

Chef Dorian’s Cooking POV

All chefs have a POV, point of view, about their food and Chef Dorian is no different. Her POV about her form of cooking is “elevated soul” which she explains is “A sophisticated way of cooking traditional southern cuisine.”

For Chef Dorian the most challenging part of the MasterChef continuing cooking challenge was “staying focused.”

Inspiration & Lessons From Chef Gordon Ramsay

MasterChef contestants often tell us how much they learned and how their cooking has been elevated.  Chef Gordon Ramsay understands to be a really great chef takes more than skill. It takes confidence and as Chef Dorian tells us “staying true to your yourself.”

“I learned to trust my instincts and self confidence. What you know you know and no one can take that from you. I forgot that myself. I was able to gain that self confidence again. I can see my growth and taking chances and trusting myself.  I learned to be adventurous but still stay close to my roots.” – Chef Dorian Hunter

 Chef Dorian’s favorite dish to cook might surprise you.

Can you guess what Chef Dorian considered to be her biggest challenge on MasterChef?

Chef Dorian Hunter Wins MasterChef Season 10 – Hear She Won at Her Watch Party!

As MasterChef winner Chef Dorian’s next culinary adventure will include writing that cookbook. After that… sky’s the limit for his talented lady. If it does include opening a restaurant her fans are already in line!

Congrats! Chef Dorian on your well deserved MasterChef Win

Thank you for a divalicious and inspirational #FoodTVChat!

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Inspirational Quote From Chef Dorian Hunter

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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