#FoodTVChat Interview with Fausto Berragan

"#Foodtvchatinterviewwithfaustoberragan"#FoodTVChat with Fausto Berragan, Food Network Spring Baking Championship finalist, was a blast!


We so enjoyed having him on the chat, not only because he was so gracious, funny and charming but also because he is the only tattooed school principal we have ever met!

The tattoos were apparently “revealed” to his students when they watched their uber cool principal on Food Network.



If you missed #Foodtvchat with Fausto Berragan we have recapped the highlights in the interview below. Enjoy!

#Foodtvchat Interview with Fausto Berragan

  • We asked Dr Barragan why he wanted to compete on Spring Baking Championship. 

  • Fausto was the only non-professional baker competing on this Spring Baking Championship and that takes an extra helping of courage. We asked him how he kept his confidence up during the competition.

  • We asked Fausto to comment on what the statement  “the best food is made from love” means to him.

       and more….

  • We wondered what Fausto learned from the Spring Championship judges, Nancy Fuller, Loraine Pascal and Duff Goldman.

  • We also wondered what Fausto thought the judges had learned from him! 

  • Fausto learned to cook as a kid because he got hungry!

  • We were so sad to see Fausto sent home on Spring Baking Championship. Especially sad because he was done in by puff pastry, something he had never made before that fateful night. We asked him if there was anything he would do over.

One thing we wouldn’t do over was our #Foodtvchat interview with Fausto Berragan!

He is such a inspiration and we can’t wait to see what he does next.  This tweet was one of our favorites!

Author: Marianne Richmond

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