#FoodTVChat Interview with Lisa-Ann Marchesi

"#FoodtvchatinterviewwithLisa-AnnMarchesi"We had a great time on #FoodTVChat with Lisa-Ann Marchesi finalist on MasterChef 7 and CEO and founder of extra virgin olive oil company, @BellaD’Olivia . Hope you were able to join in! If not please enjoy our #FoodTVChat interview with Lisa-Ann Marchesi below.

And remember you can connect with Lisa-Ann Marchesi on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin and be sure and check out her extra virgin olive oil company Bella D’Oliva. Lisa-Ann says a new harvest is coming soon!



#FoodTVChat Interview with Lisa-Ann Marchesi

  • The three words that describe Lisa-Ann Marchesi’s experience on Master Chef Season 7?

Yes, “Fun, Intense and Passionate” looks about right! "#FoodtvchatInterviewwithLisa-AnnMarchesi"


  • Lisa-Ann told us that the competition on Master Chef was intense, especially the men she noted. But she also said great friendships were made on #MasterChef.

  • Who was Lis-Ann’s greatest influence in getting into the kitchen?

  • Of course everyone wanted to know about Gordon Ramsey who Lisa-Ann describes as her life-long idol!


  • Lisa-Ann’s other chef idols?

  • When asked what the statement “the best food is made from love” meant to her, Lisa-Ann responded with a hat tip to her family. 

  • And the thought that Lisa-Ann wanted to leave everyone with?

  • And one more piece of advice from Lisa-Ann?

Author: Marianne Richmond

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