#FoodTVChat Interview with William Poole

"#Foodtvchatinterviewwithwilliampoole"#FoodTVChat with Food Network Spring Baking Champion finalist William Poole was really fun. Several of his fellow #BakingChapionship competitor’s joined the chat including Susan Mijares and Dan Langan. And a BIG congratulations to Jane Soudah winner of Spring Baking Championship Season 2.

If you missed this #FoodTVChat we have the highlights below in our #FoodTVChat interview with William Poole.

#FoodTVChat Interview with William Poole

  • The three words that Will would use to describe his experiences on #SpringBakingChampionship?

  • What did Will think was the most fun challenge on #SpringBakingChampionship?

  • We always wonder how finalists on #FoodTV competitions stay focused amidst the chaos and stay true to their culinary POV so we asked Will. His answer?

  • Will’s response to what “the best food is made from love” means to him?

  • What is Will’s advice to those wishing to compete on #FoodTV?

  • We asked Will for an update on his chocolate store, Porter Hill Sweets in Ipswich New Hampshire.

  • Who have been Will’s culinary inspirations?

  • What’s next for Will, i.e. life after #SpringBakingChampionship? (And we feel confident that we will be seeing a lot more of William Poole!)

We so enjoyed #FoodTVChat with William Poole and hope you will enjoy our #FoodTVChat interview with William Poole!

Author: Marianne Richmond

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