#FoodTVChat Sarah Bettendorf Recap

"FoodTVChat"How fun was our #FoodTVChat this week? Well, when your guest host has been a contestant on Food Network’s Worst Cook in America you have a pretty good shot at fun and Sarah Bettendorf did not disappoint!

So, many thanks to Sarah Bettendorf and as always a special thanks to Tad Hamilton and Scott Fullerton. Having Food Network’s All Star Academy Alums Vanessa Craig, Sherri Williams, and Sharon Damante as well as Food Network’s Baking Championship’s  Dwayne Ingraham  (our guest host on 5/28 for #FoodTVChat) in the chat also made this one super fun! Also Logan Chef Junior dropped in for a Tweet!

If you missed the fun, below are some of the highlights….



 #FoodTVChat with Sarah Bettendorf Recap

  • We were happy to hand the vitual mic over to one of Sarah’s biggest fans who kicked off the chat with this sweet introduction. 


  • One of the surprises we learned about Sarah, one of the Worst Cooks in America, was she grew up in a family of chefs.

  • Salt is Sarah’s favorite spice!

  • Did being on Worst Cooks in America improve Sarah’s culinary skills?

(And Sharon Damante chimed in with the fact that she considers recipes “guidelines”!)

  • As we’ve heard from other of our Food TV Contestants guest hosts, when it comes to their experiences on Food TV shows they value the opportunity to learn new cooking skills and make new friends. Great question from AJ Hendrickson.

  • As you might expect from Sarah’s bubbly personality when we asked who and what inspired her to get up each day and do it again … it’s the possible possibilities of the new day that inspires her!

  • Despite problems with Twitter, there were many wonderful moments in this #FoodTVChat and you can find the whole stream right here.

And join us next week, Thursday May 14th at 7PM Eastern for #FoodTVChat when our guest chef will be All Star Academy Alum Nonna  Sharon Damante!

Update! Slight change in our line-up. Due to her travel schedule Sharon will be guest hosting on May 21 not May 14.

Chef Alexis Hernandez, Cutthroat Kitchen champ, graciously agree to guest host on May 14th!

Author: Marianne Richmond

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  1. Dear @divafoodies and #FoodTVChat, thanks again for this amazing experience! I had so much fun and learned a lot. Each question was thoughtful and kind. I am so honored to have had the experience and would love to do it again. Sending hugs and positive thoughts!

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