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"#FoodtvchatwithTanorriaaskew"Mark you calendars for #FoodTVChat Tanorria Askew, Master Chef 7 finalist, tomorrow night Thursday September 8th at 7PM Eastern. We are really excited to welcome Tanorria as our#FoodTVChat guest chef tomorrow night. Tonight we will be biting our nails as we watch  tonight’s episode of Master Chef 7.

Tanorria along with our August 4th #FoodTVChat guest chef Shaun O’Neale are competing in the Master Chef #Top 5. We wish all five of them the best!"#FoodtvchatwithTanorriaAskew"To help you get ready for tomorrow’s #FoodTVChat, here’s a little bit more about Tanorria Askew–

#FoodTVChat Tanorria Askew

Tanorria was born in Tennessee and moved to Indiana when she was three years old. She currently calls Indiana home but definitely claims Southern roots. She says her family was always food centered. Her home was the one everybody always wanted to come for great food get-togethers. Its where she got her start in what has become her life’s journey, building community through food!  In fact she says on her website that her culinary credentials come from the “Culinary Institute of My Parents & Grandparents”.

Tanorria spent 15 years advancing in the corporate world but her passionate has always been cooking and wanting to share her passion with other people including those that don’t always have a regular meal. Her time on Master Chef inspired her to quit her day job and follow her culinary dreams. Visit her Tanorria’s Table website and you will see she has some big time culinary dreams! And if you spent even 5 minutes watching her on Master Chef you know that she has what it takes to make them happen.

So if you are in Indy and want to throw a cooking party, want to stock your freezer or someone else’s with some awesome meals, or need a personal chef check out Tanorria’s Table.  If yo want to try some of her awesome recipe on your own, they are right here.

A big part of community building through food is Tanorria’s work with non-profits. She believes that you can change lives through food. Tanorria is doing some great work helping the hungry and homeless with Food for Souls, Dress for Success and Horizon House among others. In fact you can bid on a dinner for 10 prepared by Tanorria at a live auction benefitting Horizon House #tacklinghomeless right now!

You can connect with Tanorria at Tanorria’s Table, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course by joining us tomorrow night for #FoodTVChat Tanorria Askew at 7PM Eastern.

See you tomorrow night!









Author: Marianne Richmond

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