#FoodTVChat with Chef Michelle Karam

"FoodTVCHAT"Join us this Thursday, June 18th, for #FoodTVChat with Chef Michelle Karam,  Season 11 The Next Food Network Star finalist, as our Guest Chef. We are super pumped!

If you have been watching Season 11 of The Next Food Network Star (and we know you have!) you no doubt have noticed the Mediterranean Mama, creator of the famous #porkchopsoup.

Chef Michelle’s vision was to develop a rich chicken soup. However, the only protein available to her — a pork chop. She stayed the course of her idea to make a soup. Chef’s talents and skills came shining through and the judges loved it!

Chef Michelle Karam is also the finalist who turned admitting that she wasn’t a baker and hadn’t made her own puff pastry into a positive and prompted judges Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis  to say how authentic she was!  Being authentic was totally confirmed as a plus when  Alex Guarnaschelli noted that she could watch authentic all day!

Well, we “met” Michelle last week when she dropped into #FoodTVChat and we agree that she is authentic….and amazing!  To say that we were delighted when she graciously agreed to be our Guest Chef on #FoodTVChat this week is an understatement!

Here is a little bit more about the amazing Michelle Karam–

Michelle Karam, AKA as The Mediterranean Mama, is a professional chef, trained at the California Culinary Academy. She writes a lovely food blog aptly called The Mediterranean Mama where she shares some of her wonderful recipes. She owns a catering company and has been a private chef for some very well known clients (Sony Pictures, Norman Lear and Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure). Besides competing on The Next Food Network Star she has made other culinary TV appearances on Bravo and NBC.

You can also find Michelle on the ModernMom.com, the website of Brooke Burke from Dancing with the Stars, where Michelle is the featured chef and also part of their “Let’s Cook” TV Series.  Check out her YouTube Channel to see Michelle’s videos as the Featured Chef for ehow.com, spokesperson for Idaho Spuds and lots more! And in addition to her work in front of the camera, Michelle is the producer and guest host for a weekly radio show about food and restaurants for the Santa Barbara News-Press.

Oh and did we mention that Michelle Karam has three children under the age of 11? It’s no wonder that the Food Network described Michelle as a “master multi tasker who does it all”!

"Michelle Karma #FoodTVChat"

So, join us on Thursday for #FoodTVChat  where you can really chat with the authentic and amazing Michelle Karam!

Author: Marianne Richmond

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