#FoodTVChat with Chef Nedra Harris

Please join Diva Foodies for #FoodTVChat with Chef Nedra Harris this Thursday, November 12th at 7PM Eastern. You no doubt remember the outgoing and undauntable Chef Harris from Gordon Ramsey’s Hells Kitchen Season 11. If not, the video below will certainly refresh your memory!

Chef Nedra Harris, who is only 26 years old, is the Corporate Executive Chef at Werner’s Prime Steaks and Seafood in San Antonio. According to USA Today, “everything that Harris is doing at Werner’s is seriously delicious” and based on these photos if you find yourself in San Antonio you will want to make a dinner reservation!


photo by Joshua Simmons



Photo by Joshua Simmons

In Chef Nedra’s own words, “We {Werner’s Prime Steaks and Seafood} have three things other steakhouses don’t have: Chef Nedra fromHell’s Kitchen, an open kitchen with a chef’s table and Chef Nedra!”


Photo by Joshua Simmons

Chef Nedra was born in Detroit and developed her love of cooking at an early age from her parents. Her father was a sous chef and her mother was an accomplished home cook. Chef Nedra was just 10 years old when she began commandeering the kitchen at home and she hasn’t looked back since. Determined to go to culinary school she had her parents driver her to Chicago following high school graduation to enroll at Le Cordon Bleu College before she had even applied!

While attending Le Cordon Bleu she did an internship at Disney World in Orlando where she had the opportunity to work with Chef Wolfgang Puck. Chef Nedra graduated from culinary school in 2008 and joined her parents in San Antonio Texas where she currently resides. Chef Nedra auditioned for Season 11 of Hell’s Kitchen and she credits Chef Gordon Ramsey with teaching her how to make a perfect steak, something she does daily at Werner’s Prime Steaks.

She also credits Chef Ramsey with helping her find the “true Nedra”! And the true Nedra is who we will be chatting with tomorrow night at 7PM, #FoodTVChat with Chef Nedra Harris. Bring your questions for Chef Nedra—she’s always got an answer!








Author: Marianne Richmond

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