#FoodTVChat with Christopher Lu MasterChef Finalist

"#FoodtvchatwithChristopher Lu"#FoodTVChat with Christopher Lu, Master Chef 6 finalist will be Thursday July 29th at 7PM Eastern and we are so looking forward to it!

For those of you who have been joining in the fun of #FoodTVChat you know that it’s a unique opportunity to get to know the “real” chef-warriors of Food TV. If you have been watching Master Chef Season 6 (and really , haven’t we all!) you have seen many different edits of Christopher Lu, sometimes within the same cooking challenge. Remember the Beef Wellington?  After graciously helping Hetal, the vegetarian, prepare her Beef Wellington he was shown bragging about his own dish which moments later was roundly criticized by Gordon Ramsey.

Well join #FoodTVChat this Thursday and meet the real Christopher Lu— or as he says in his own words–the nerd that is Chris!

And we most definitely will be talking about food, booze, friends, family and fun…and of course #FoodTV!!

Below is Christopher Lu though the eyes of Fox—tomorrow you can introduce yourself and ask him whatever it is you want to know!

Christopher Lu lives in Los Angeles California and his Twitter handle @tipseychef references his career in both the bartending and cooking side of the restaurant business. He is currently working on some exciting foodie concepts of both the mobile and brick and mortar variety.

We will definitely ask him more about this on #FoodTVChat with Christopher Lu! Since mobile food delivery is still in its nascency and presents mega opportunity for the creative and observant chef we are very excited to hear that Christopher is going down that path….and of course brick and mortar is not going away, right?!

Besides Twitter, you can find Christopher on Facebook. See you on Thursday for #FoodTVChat with Christopher Lu!

Author: Marianne Richmond

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