#FoodTVChat with Claudia Sandoval

"Claudia Sandoval"In just a few hours, the 6 finalists on Master Chef including Claudia Sandoval will face the ultimate challenge, taking over a real restaurant kitchen,  At the end,  only 5 of them will remain. It looks like an especially pressure filled episode!

Update! Claudia was the Winner of MasterChef Season 6.

And no, we have no idea who will turn in their apron at the end.  But we do know that on Thursday night at 7PM Eastern #FoodTVChat will be welcoming  Claudia Sandoval and you will have the opportunity to get the inside story about this episode and the whole Master Chef 6 season and chat with Claudia. Don’t miss it!

If you have been watching Master Chef 6 than you are aware of Claudia Sandoval’s considerable culinary talents. You may recall that her rice dish was so awesome in “Rice Baby Rice” that Judge Graham Elliott joined Claudia in an impromptu dance!

Claudia Sandoval however is a woman of many talents and not all of them are culinary. She is currently the “head honcho” of Instagrammers of San Diego a HUGE online community that has set several world records. Claudia Sandoval has a 9 year old daughter and chronicles single motherhood in her blog, The Adventures of a Single Latino Mama that also includes lots of fun foodie posts. Check it out!

And if you are interested in more of Claudia’s recipes take a look at her webpage . If you sign up for her newsletter she will send you one of her favorite family recipes! Her family is where she gets her love for cooking—her father is a chef and her biggest personal cooking inspiration is her mother.

So, to learn more about Claudia and this Season’s Master Chef, join us Thursday night 7pm Eastern for #FoodtvChat, the only Twitter chat that brings TV Chefs, Contestants, Hosts, Judges and behind the camera folks together with the tweeple who live tweet and/or are passionate about FoodTV shows in digital conversations.


Author: Marianne Richmond

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  1. Claudia, super big congratulations for winning 2015 Masterchef!!!! I rooted for you from day one, and am delighted you took top honor! When is your cookbook coming out? Although I’m Caucasian, I love Latina and Hispanic foods and am so looking forward to trying to duplicate your dishes. That panna cotta, the dessert you did in the last challange, made me salivate. I know your entire family is so proud, and if your adorable daughter likes to cook, start her off gently in her own footsteps.

    She’s seen momma cook. Maybe she has her own favorites that she can prepare with your imput. Who knows, maybe down the road she’ll compete on Masterchef. OR even Junior Masterchef.

    Anyway, thank you for an exciting season and again, you truly deserved the trophy!

    Carol Herman
    Milwaukee, WI

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