#FoodTVChat with Jesse Romero Recap

"FoodtvchatwithJesseRomero"#FoodTVChat with Jesse Romero was a blast!

We had Jesse’s Too Many Chef pop-up partners from Food Network Star Jay Ducote and Rue Rusike plus Jesse’s fellow Master Chef 6 competitor Amanda Saab drop into the chat. We also had Master Chef Judge Graham Elliot weigh in on a discussion about the difference between a “chef” and a “cook”…..

If you missed this #FoodTVChat, the full stream is here and our of #FoodTVChat with Jesse Romero recap is below.

#FoodTVChat with Jesse Romero Recap

  • How would Jesse describe his experiences on Master Chef in three words? 

  • How did Jesse feel about Claudia beating Derek in the finale of Master Chef 6? (Did we mention how funny Jesse is–he’s a riot!)

  • Why does Jesse think Master Chef is such a stand out success among all the other #FoodTV competitions? 

  • What does the expression “the best food is made from love” mean to Jesse Romero?

  • What would Jesse do differently if he were a Master Chef producer?

  • If Jesse were to write a cookbook what would be his point of view?

  • And that question we mentioned earlier about the difference between a chef and a cook? We got some great answers!

We wish Jesse Romero the best in his future endeavors and we will be watching his Twitter stream and Instagram for announcements soon! Thanks Jesse, we really enjoyed having you on #Foodtvchat.

Author: Marianne Richmond

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