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"#foodtvchatwithkentrollins"You might be thinking that no one ever beats Bobby Flay but tomorrow night, #FoodTVChat will be welcoming a guest chef who taught Bobby Flay a thing or two about chicken fried steak and losing.  You definitely won’t want to miss #FoodTVChat with Kent Rollins!

As Kent put it, “Chef Flay did give it a great effort, but you can’t show up at a cowboy’s wagon in the blistering heat, challenge him to a Southern fried specialty, and expect to win.”

Of course beating Bobby Flay is not the only thing unique about Kent Rollins. He is the poster child for unique in the best possible way and that is why we are so excited about #FoodTVChat with Kent Rollins.

For starters, Ken Rollins is a cowboy cook or in the vernacular, a chuck wagon cook. Actually the governor of Oklahoma named him The Official Chuck Wagon Cook of the State of Oklahoma. Kent and his wife Shannon  travel around the country catering events  and providing entertainment  for their business Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon, in their restored 1876 Studebaker Wagon….


and winning Chuck Wagon cooks off as they go. Kent also cooks for working cowboys on working ranches across the American West during the spring and fall. For more about Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon check out his website.

As far as Food TV goes, besides winning the Throwdown with Bobby Flay Kent has also appeared on Food Network’s Chopped Grillmasters and then on Chopped Redemption. He has also appeared on the NBC series Food Fighters.

Kent has written a cookbook, A Taste of Cowboy, featuring his ranch recipes and lots of cowboy wit and wisdom along with his wife Shannon’s wonderful photographs that bring the whole thing alive.They are currently on a cookbook tour so you should check out the schedule for a date near you!

Now, as if all of this wasn’t enough, Kent Rollins also writes poetry.  He agreed to share one of his poems with us.  He described it as a funny poem that “pokes fun at the oftentimes grumpy chuckwagon cook.” Enjoy!

The Frugal Cowboy Meal by Kent Rollins

This ain’t no Hardees

Nor is it a Mc-E-dee’s.

There ain’t no drive-up window,

And a menu you won’t see.


This is just an ol’ chuck wagon

That has been to Hell and back.

You won’t see no happy meal

‘Cause my food won’t fit in a sack.


We don’t give out little toys

With the meal you receive.

But we’ll pass out the Rolaids

They’re about the only thing that’s free.


We don’t have a pretty waitress

To bring out your gourmet meal,

Just an ol’ wore out camp cook

Who’s plumb nasty, mean and ill.


‘Cause he’s been up early fixin’

your meal ‘cause it didn’t come precooked.

And there ain’t no telling what fell in it

When you weren’t there to look.


But his coffee is always hot and black

You wont’ find no preservatives here.

And the meat is 100 percent pure

Mostly coyote, beef and deer.


Now don’t go getting’ squeamish

‘Cause we ain’t killed nobody yet.

And you’ll receive a free coupon

For a visit to the vet.


So get up here in line folks

For a frugal cowboy meal,

Before ol’ cookie gets to tenderizing it

With them big ol’ wagon wheels.

So #FoodTVChat with Kent Rollins is sure to be a good time. Join us on Twitter at 7PM Eastern, tomorrow night, Thursday July 9th.

Author: Marianne Richmond

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