#FoodTVChat with Lisa-Ann Marchesi

"#FoodtvchatwithLisa-AnnMarchesi"#FoodTVChat with Lisa-Ann Marchesi, Master Chef 7 finalist will be this Thursday, June 30th 7PM Eastern and you won’t want to miss it!

And speaking of “not missing,” Season 6 winner Claudia Sandoval will be a special guest on Master Chef tonight (June 29th) so be sure and watch. Claudia was one of our favorite #FoodTVChat guest chefs. You will probably have lots of questions for Lisa-Ann after watching this episode of Master Chef. Did we mention that Chef Aaron Sanchez will also be a guest on tonight’s Master Chef?

So to get ready for Thursday’s #FoodTVChat with Lisa-Ann Marchesi, you might want to check out this video that Lisa-Ann made as she prepared for her appearance on Master Chef Season 7. A picture (or a video) is worth a thousand words after all!

Lisa-Ann Marchesi is definitely a woman of many talents! So here’s a little more about her to get ready for #FoodTVChat with Lisa-Ann Marchesi.

Besides being an awesome cook and a fierce culinary competitor, she is a Director for Construction Risk Partners, responsible for all aspects of corporate marketing and national sales strategies and the Founder CEO and president of Bela D’Oliva, an importer of extra virgin olive oils.

How did Lisa-Ann become passionate about extra virgin olive oil! She says it’s all about “Healthy, Cooking, Family, and Italy.”  Growing up on Long Island, Lisa-Ann’s grandmother lived with them and family tradition involved lots of Sicilian family meals. Sadly, her grandmother lost her life to breast cancer and many of her relatives succumbed to heart disease. The connection between diet and health led Lisa-Ann to learn more about the health benefits of extra-virgin olive oils.

And what Lisa-Ann discovered led her to commit herself to sourcing only the highest quality extra virgin olive oils.  This is no small feat since the world wide olive oil industry is rife with fraud and scams. Lisa-Ann’s company, Bella D’Oliva works with artisan farmers in Italy that she has built personal relationships to source the olives for her olive oil. Watch this video and you will get an understanding of exactly what that means!

So join us tomorrow night at 7PM Eastern for #FoodTVChat with Lisa-Ann Marchesi. You can connect with Lisa-Ann on Twitter and Facebook, and check out the Bella D’Oliva website and Blog, Facebook page and Twitter stream.

Author: Marianne Richmond

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