Chefs Tell Why Add A Fried Egg To Savory Dishes

Recently a friend asked me, “Why are so many chefs adding a fried egg to savory dishes?”

I wasn’t quite sure so I reached out to a couple of Diva Foodies’ chef pals. Logan Guleff, Megan Gill, Juan Montier and Sharon Damante responded on Twitter. If you’re curious about why you might want to add a fried egg to a savory dish the following are the chefs’ tweet responses.

Logan Guleff – Master Chef Junior Winner, Cookbook Author – Logan’s Chef Notes and Half Baked Tales – Cooking Dreams


Megan Gill – Hell’s Kitchen Winner, Head Chef Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill 

Juan Montier – Founder of the culinary-decor catering company Chez Montier


Sharon Damante – Food Network All-Star Academy, Guy’s Grocer Challenge, Founder of Sharon’s Traveled Table

Your turn! Do you agree with the chefs about adding a fried egg to a savory dish? We’d love to know why or why not?

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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