5 Back To The Past Halloween Treat Recipes

5 Halloween Treat RecipesBack to the past Halloween Treat Recipes!

Once upon a time, before Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move, Halloween had nothing to do with healthy treats. Oh sure, there might have been an occaisonal apple that a neighbor threw in your Trick or Treat bag but that was the rare exception to the Halloween Candy Rule: Nothing Healthy Allowed In The Trick or Treat Bag. Diva Foodies includes recipes that are healthy and even some Paleo Halloween recipes . But now we’re stepping out into the scary, spooky world of anything goes for Halloween treats. Enjoy … without any guilt.

Back To The Past Halloween Treat Recipes

1. Halloween bark is Candy, Candy, Candy and more Candy in one amazing bite. This bark includes chocolate chips and sprinkles but it would be a great recipe for after Halloween if you have any left over candy. Thanks to Cozy Cook for this yummy recipe treat.

2. Marshmellows and frosting make these Halloween vampire mouth cookies, from Serious Eats, scarily (is that a word?) awesome!

3. There is an exception to the “non apple rule” and that of course is when Halloween apples are triple dipped in carmel, chocolate and nuts! From Food52 and Alice Medirch .. thank you!

4. Making your own ‘big brand’ candy for Halloween is a great way to add all the candy crunch you ever wanted. Thanks again to Food52 this time for the recipe for Homemade Crunch.

5. Emeril shows how to make spooky Halloween lollipops that include a surprise … gummy worms! What kid wouldn’t love these suckers? By the by, Emeril tweets.

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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