Hanukkah Latkes ~ A Walk on The Wild Side

Food traditions play an important role in any holiday celebration and Hanukhah, the Festival of Lights, is no exception. Little potato pancakes fried in oil are served as the menorah candles glow brightly and gifts are opened.  As the Hanukkah dreidel game reminds, a great miracle happened there. Oil that was suppose to last only one day burned for eight. To remember the miracle of the oil latkes are traditionally fried.

The classic Hanukkah Latkes are made from potatoes. Fying in oil gives them a nice, satisfying crunch. Sour cream or apple sauce tops off this holiday dish. Traditional Latke Recipe – Tori Avey

Some times it’s fun to take a traditional recipe and add a twist or two. We searched Twitter for Hanukkah Latke recipes that go a step in a different direction.

How about a little fruit in your latke? Our friends at Whole Foods have come up with a Pear and Sweet Potato Latke recipe. Pear and Sweet Potato Latke Recipe ~ Whole Foods

Hope you saved some of your spaghetti squash your harvest last fall because this Latke recipe is made from just that … spaghetti squash. The recipe also calls for almond flour making it great for Paleo diets! Spaghetti Squash Latke Recipe ~ Running To The Kitchen

How about a 2-4-1? These OMG Hanukkah Latkes combine a traditional latke with everyone’s favorite … brisket. Pulled Brisket Latkets Recipe ~ Tablet.

Interesting story behind the recipe that was created by Shannon Sarna.

So you want to walk on the wild side of Hanukkah Latkes? These Bacon and Garlic Potato Latkes may not be for everyone, including those who keep kosher, but they sure sound divine to us! Bacon and Garlic Potato Latkes Recipe~ Epicurious

Marianne suggests a Latkes bar and for dessert how about an ice cream bar? We are so there!

Now the Big Question is … apple sauce or sour cream on your Hanukkah Latkes? Some like it both!

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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