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Diva Foodies goes ’round the web searching for the best and most interesting news in food. This week we’re spotlighting Hunger Action Month, a unqiue food truck church, retraining your brain from junk to healthy food choices, food stamp art complements of the United States Postal Service and Fortune and Food & Wine list of innovative women in food and drink.

Diva Foodies News ‘Round The Web

Hunger Action Month. What is the color of hunger? Feeding America chose the color orange to represent Hunger Action month that runs the month of September. Food banks across the United States are working to educate their communities about impact of hunger and how to make a difference life-by-life-by-life.

Food Truck Church – Ex-French chef turned pastor, Margaret Kelly,  has an unusual pulpit … a food truck called Shobi’s Table. The food truch church on wheels not only provides transportation for Pastor Kelly to minister to her homeless congregation but you got it allows her to create abd serve meals to her followers.

Retraining You Brain To Like Healthy Foods – After a life time of eating french fries and hot fudge ice cream sundaes can you retrain yourself to prefer veggies and tofu? Scientists at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (USDA HNRCA) at Tufts University and at Massachusetts General Hospital are doing reseach on how we can change addictive unhealthy food choices.

Farmers Markets USPS Stamps. The United States Postal Services hired professional artist Robin Moline to design a series of stamps that celebrates America’s love of Farmers Markets.

Fortune Food & Wine List of 25 Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink. The list is like taking a trip around the world visiting different cultures, areas of focus and impact of food. The list includes women like Ruth Oniang’o who helps small farmers in Kenya;  Kim Jordan, CEO of the 3rd largest craft beer companies New Belgium Brewing; Kirsten Saenz Tobey and Kristin Groos Richmond who focus on healthy meals for school kids with their company Revolution Foods;  Christina Tosi chef, owner, founder of Milk Bar where dessert is not an after thought; and Chellie Pingree, Congresswoman from Maine who supports local, sustainable agriculture.

Graphic credit: Pippalou, Morgue

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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