Pastry Live 2015 ~ Prelaunch Party

Pastry Live 2015 ~ Prelaunch Party“I had no idea how hard it would be. I started blind but with enthusiasm.” ~ Chef Paul Bodriga, Founder and Event Producer of Pastry Live. 

Chef Bodiga, an award winning pastry chef and Adjunct Professor H.C.C.C. at the Culinary Arts Institute, has a lot to be proud of as Pastry Live 2015 kicks off its fourth year. The event has grown significantly attracting top pastry chefs  — as both competitiors and judges. As Chef Bodriga told us one of his goals was to help pastry chefs gain exposure they may not have previously gotten. It’s an opportunity to bring the pastry community and the consumer communtiy together to better understand the craft. It is indeed “a labor of love.”

As more cake decorating is being handed off to robots, the joy, passion and talents of the pastry chef becomes critical to keep the art and craft alive. So with Pastry 2015 not only do we celebrate the end result but the creative talent!


Hoping to meet Chef Andy Chlebana, winner of Food Network Baking Championship … maybe I can convenience him to guest host #FoodTVChat ~ Diva Foodies’s special Twitter chat where we bring TV chefs, contestants and fans together in a fast paced digital conversation.

However …

It is not a casting challenge; hand skills and new ways of manipulating molds or casting are expected. This competition hopes to provide a unique opportunity for pastry chefs to highlight their skills, creativity and innovation.

The Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society  (we are proud members) was invited, complements of The Classy Critic , to attend a behind the scenes VIP launch party. It was an opportunity to learn more about the event, meet a few of the chefs and reconnect with some of Atlanta’s food community … including my favorite little food blogger SagePastry Live 2015 - Prelaunch Party

Sage with her mom … food blogger Shana of Shana Was Here. Catch Sage’s review of the VIP party!

The treats at the launch party were delicious and the wine flowed freely .. so to speak!

Pastry Live 2015 Launch Party

Complements to all the chefs and restaurants who provided the food!

Pastry Live 2015 Pre Launch Party

In all honesty, it was Chef Addison’s, from Seed, (OMG!) almond Panna Cotta that absolutely convinced me I had to go to Pastry Live 2015!

Pastry Live 2015 Pre Launch Party

If you love sweets … if  you love food competitions … if  you love being adventurous — toss the diet to the winds and meet me at Pastry Live 2015!

Pastry Live 2015 Prelaunch Party

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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